Mary El Tarot - Seven of Disks

Bat Chicken

Being a Blake fan, there is no way I could miss the obvious allusion to “Urizen”:
This card looks like a card of creation. The seven planets, earth, water and fire all appear like the ingredients ready for the kitchen. Marie had something to say here on the forum a few years ago about her inspiration for this card:

FearfulSymmetry said:
I was working on this sketch for the 7 of disks, the raven friend of Odin, Muninn, which mans ‘memory’, when I was very impressed by the mental image of not just a raven but the wings forming 2 mountains on a horizon and the head of the creature the rising Sun. I saw it walking with flames and sparks flying his feet as they hit the ground and in its hands were 7 coins; 4 in one, and 3 in the other.

7 is very significant to me and it was a major milestone to reach the 7 of Disks. Back into prehistory 7 has been a meaningful number for people. It is the number of the classic wandering and visible planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn plus the Sun and the Moon and these are the symbols on the coins.

Pantheons of Gods were associated with these 7 and reality was evolved or manifested through their 7 layers. Things that counted seven were considered magical or lucky and to do something 7 times could make it come true. 7 is the number of colors in the rainbow, the visible spectrum of light.

There are some colors that are not visible, though, and planets that were not visible to the ancients, Neptune, Uranus, and the Earth itself which they didn’t realize was also a planet. For these things that are beyond what is visible to the naked eye, we have the 8, 9 and 10. This is one of the reasons I find it so perfect to find a creator God here, because it is not the end, or the ultimate God which is more transcendent like the Ain Soph.

I have taken to calling this card ‘The Demiurge’ as it reminds me of a creator God, builder and divine architect of the Universe. I paid homage to the God of the Freemasons and William Blake’s Urizen and ‘The Ancient of Days’ with the ray of light shaped like the Freemason’s compass.



The 7 of Disks is a tough card for me. It's not that appealing to me visually. The black part in the middle (chaos, I think) leaves me uninspired. And I just realized that the planets and blue streams on the right remind me of Beaker from The Muppet Show. Now I can't stop laughing.
7 Disks-Beaker
Beaker is a lab assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, whose experiments frequently end with explosions or some other disaster.

A scientist, I think, is an earthly type of demiurge, trying to create something from nothing, or at least trying to create something complex from something simple. The 7 of Disks tells us that we have to work to create the results and the life we wants. Our vision does not arise with perfectly formed with our first attempt. Just like the scientist has to revise and repeat his experiments to get meaningful results, we must persevere in mastering our craft, honing our skills to produce our great work.

Personal Update: I have had some more time to reflect on this, and I just find it very touching that for a card that was rather intimidating to me at first, the deck has found a way to make it humorous and completely non-threatening by showing me a character from a children's show. This card appeared for me in a reading as my 'Greatest Strength' and it is extremely important that I not fear that. I am continually amazed by the unique and unexpected ways this deck speaks to me.