Mary El Tarot - Seven of Wands

Bat Chicken

The face of the wolf is like a challenge. He is beautiful and regal and other wonderful things. When I look at the traditional meaning of the Seven of Wands – the facing of fears, one might interpret this as is the fear real? Is he what we fear? Or is it something else? Are we doing the right thing for us?

The sevens are connected to the Chariot where we first see the wolf, the white wolf pulling against the black. We return to the pillar of Mercy. I think it is appropriate to quote again Marie from her thread on the development of the Mary El. Thanks Debra…! :)

FearfulSymmetry said:
The White Wolf is inspired by Plato’s allegory of the soul in Phaedrus.

Plato describes a Chariot drawn by 2 winged horses as an allegory of the soul. A white horse which is noble and well bred and a black horse which is ignoble and ill bred. The white horse is the moral part of our souls and the black is the dark side, wild and passionate. The charioteer uses reason to balance them and steer them on a singular course to enlightenment.

In the Mary-el Chariot card the chariot is drawn by wolves and so wolves will feature in the 7 of Wands and Cups. Wolves are a spiritual brother to humankind with a complex community, behaviors and instincts. The white wolf, akin to the white horse, represents morality, valor, goodness, the will of the soul. The 7 of Cups is going to follow as the black wolf representing animal appetites, passions and the will of the body.

You might notice that the eyes are an unusual color for a wolf. I chose emerald green to represent the center color of the rainbow, lying evenly between infra-red and ultra-violet. Often in myths and visions the throne of God is green or made of emerald. Green is also the beautiful color of life on earth, of sustenance derived from the goodness of the Sun.

Another important inspiration for this card is the companion wolves of Odin - Geri and Freki which mean fierceness and gluttony. The white wolf would be fierceness. Odin’s companion ravens Huginn and Muninn, thought and memory, are going to grace the 7 of Swords and Disks. The ravens will also have a connection to Towers (1+6 = 7) completing the circuit of Tower and Chariot.

Ravens and wolves are known to hunt together.