Mary El Tarot - Six of Disks

Bat Chicken

The last of the sixes bear the Archangel Gabriel. This is an interesting composition. The background is of Summer, there are two trees one in flames and one bearing the apples (Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?) There is also a pyramid in the far distance.

Gabriel’s feminine body transforms into the long root of a tree. Gabriel means “Fire of God” and yet she is both anchored to Earth with wings of Heaven. There is a lantern in her hand. I wonder if it might be interpreted as the flame of God or the holy spirit?

Gabriel was the angel to bring the news to Mary of her immaculate conception of Jesus – the bringing of God to Earth.



The background in the 6 of Disks is very similar to the RWS Lovers card--a fruit tree (Tree of Knowledge), a flaming tree (Tree of Life), and a small pyramid akin to the mountain. The angel Gabriel appears to be a composite of dark and light similar to yin and yang. The trunk of the body below the waist and the hair from the neck down are the same color and texture and seem like they could curl around into each other. It reminds me of the hair or hair covering seen in The Lovers card. The serpent and the angel are one and the same. S/he is holding what appears to be a flaming magic lamp. Does the flame represent one of the new souls that has blossomed from the tree of life, spirit into flesh?