Mary El Tarot - The Twos


2 of wands represents the gate to ourselves... the 2 trees represents 2 extremes we walk between and which we have to put in balance... good and evil. The trees are formed of figures and faces.. to me it means that people try to find happiness in outer world, in other people, or in being only good, or only bad (breaking all the rules)... but this card reminds me that we cannot find happiness on the outside, in people or one of these extremes... but only when we are in balance - and that is when we are inside of ourself, when we walk through the gate and there is nothing... no ego, only peace...
this first card reminds me of the desire to find the balance, to realize its wasteful to spend energy on the outer world but one has to go inside, to the deepest and darkest corners to find himself.

2 of swords continues this way. One can notice the aggresive/military look of this card. samurai swords (maybe katanas), deadly dragonfly in front of the swarm of other flies... Is there a sunrise or sunset in the background? are they about to attack or maybe even retreat?
Anyhoo, this is the card when person puts desire to put balance into work and works hard for it.. we were once in perfect balance with ourselves and with God when in paradise, but since the first sin, we have to work hard and our lives are constant struggle... but struggle to cleanse us and bring us back to balance...
It also suggests how we fight... in the past people fought with weapons... now in present times - in the world of lawyers, media presenters, preachers, economists and scientists - men fight with words. And these words can be the deadliest weapon above all... (after all, this is swords - thoughts & words)

2 of cups continues.. we see again 2 horses (red & white) which are supposed to be the 2 horses from the chariot.. again good and evil... but now, we are in charge of these 2 horses and we have to choose which way to go... whether we wont control them and they will go each different way into disaster.. or whether we will manage to make them go the same way..
also couple questions i wrote for myself:
1. red and white instantly reminded me of Red and White crown of Upper and Lower Egypt (which later got reunited and so did the crown)... could this be reference too?
2. The horns on horses/unicorns are bended... why? we always see unicorns with straight horns... what does it mean?

2 of disks finishes the story.. at first i really didnt get the story about one coin looking inside and the other one outside but now it rang the bell... It describes a person who found him/herself and now can look at both worlds.... because inside reflects outside... so what we solve in ourselves will reflect in the outer world around us... therefore one can see both in and out... perfect balance between reality and dream...


First impressions of the 2 of Disks ...

Blind wisdom, looking within, leaves tattooed into the skin of her face. Coins cover her eyes, horns curl down upon her outer forehead. She looks a part of nature. Is she asleep? Dreaming? Traveling in some spirit plane? She seems all powerful, all wise, serene and perfect in her alien nature. Something "other." An oracle of deep, personal wisdom.


Update Two of Wands:

2 trees represent two sides (or also the pillars) of kabbalistic trees... Female and Male side, unbalance... the darkness between does not represent balance, being in your center, but for me Kabbalistic Daath... something beyond... not only putting yourself in perfect balance with universe, but also walking through the veil and discovering a new truer, more raw and undiscovered yourself...