Mary El Tarot - Three of Wands

Bat Chicken

Wands are the fire element and I am reminded of its appearance on the Tower and Judgment cards in the Majors. That cycle of creation and destruction carried through this suit. The Threes are Binah, the Empress the feminine creative principle. This card is, to me a mix of inspiration and skill. The wands look like tools (magic wands?), behind them are hands with the fire and water symbols on the palms– a union of opposites and the makings of a creative act. The six pointed star at the end of the serpent’s tale is a visual of the merging of the two glyphs on the hands. The serpent Kundalini is divine inspiration.

I get a sense of the awakening of the third eye, but the colours are all sacral. Perhaps this is just the beginning of kundalini awakening?


Feisty Kat

reminds me of the pharaonic crook and flail. The crook stands for the shepard who protects the flock, the flail is alternatively a symbol of fertility (used in threshing during the harvest) or of coercive power.

Not sure how that relates to the card though...

UZU--Feisty Kat aka Melia