Mary-El Tarot


I think I started a post on the old boards about this deck. Since then she's added more cards It may be a long time before it's published but damn! This may be my all-time favorite tarot deck...and it's not even finished! Amazing art...I just can't wait to read with them. I'm in love with the knight of swords and the HP! :)


OK, I will definitely agree with you there. Love the artwork in this deck. The devil is great. The tower is just dark enough and I love the Phoenix as Judgement. Beautiful! And striking. These cards really speak. Love it. Can't wait!

Rhiannon :)



Marie White posts on the Comparative Tarot
list of which I subscribe.

She recently posted the Fool card and said that she now thinks she will have more time to work on the rest of cards. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for her to finish this deck, then get it published.

I for another one can't wait. It is a truely stunning deck so far.