Mary Greer - Tarot For Yourself


Oh I definately think everyone would apreciate it, as it focuses on reading the cards by what you see,and also meditations like entering the card, it very good at helping see what everyday situations the cards can represent.


i would like to strongly recommend her books..........she is wonderful at assisting readers in looking at the cards from different perspectives...........great book.

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Personally I cannot say enough good things about Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer. I think this book can be appreciated by novice and experienced readers alike. If you would like to get an idea of what the book is like there is a study group on this book in the study groups forum. We have been posting the exercises as we go. I know for one I will use the methods in this work book time and again.

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Wow! A record. I agree with everyone, Liliana, Jade, Jewel.

I wish I'd had this book when I purchased my first tarot deck about 20 years ago. I knew so little about tarot I thought it had been invented the day before. And, all I had for guidance was the LWB (little white book) that came with the deck. The best thing you could say about that LWB is that it was probably no worse than most of the others.

Not to say that Mary's book is for beginners only. I think it stands up well. My top two are this book and Rachel Pollack's "78 Degrees of Wisdom."

Jade, I love it that you are back. (Folks, she's never been away; she was apparently just trapped in a remote corner of Aeclectic, being made to slave away as a popular moderator somewhere below the line.)



oh talisman you are sooooo funny LOL

aaah but so true. with moderating 3 sections and the boards loading slowly, i didn't have the patience to come up here too. but the lovely kiama agreed to take over the spirituality section (and she's already moderating sooooo beautifully down there :) ) and with solandia shutting down the chat section for awhile........i have the time and PATIENCE LOL to come up here and put in my 2 1/2 cents worth!

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For some reason I can't think of the title of this book without also thinking of another book, titled "Sex for One"?. . . ???

Years ago I was working in a bookstore where we were told, among other things, not to say "Have a nice day" to customers, because that was considered too mechanical and impersonal. Instead, we were supposed to say "Enjoy your books."

So one day, I'm working the register, and a woman comes up with an issue of Yellow Silk, a copy of "My Secret Garden" and a copy of "Sex for One."

I told her to have a nice day.


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Genius, you are a Genius! :D


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i cant find this book anywhere!!!!!

ugh...i may have to resort to buying it online. but but at least i can get aeclectic some revenue then...*shh's*