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What is the difference, if any,between the healing with the faeries set and the faeries oracle? Also,hav eyou combined both these sets for readings(divination,self-help)?

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I guess i am so impatient today B/C i want these faeries, but need toknow more

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I had both of these decks. Just two days ago I gave away my healing with the faeries. Here's a list of differences from my perspective.

Healing with the faeries by Doreen Virtue

seperate pictures placed together to form a deck (rushed job?)

"pretty" faeries and doesn't rightfully show all the different sides of the fae. (there is no "dark" faeries in this deck)

None of this deck is original art work by Doreen Virtue (this REALLY bothers me, if you're going to do a deck of cards, at least make it your own art work instead of "interpreting" other people's art work and "using" it for spirituality purposes to make money)

The pictures are so silent in the way of, they don't take their own form, nor do they "talk", or "move".

Their images are stifled by the words at the bottom of the cards, which "blocks" the reader, and decieves the querent. I'm sorry but anyone who has this deck, look at financial flow, cover the words, and then look at the image, that DOES NOT look like finaces to me! So many clients when i've tried to use this deck at my job, see that card, and get excited saying, oh does that mean money is coming in? I have so smile politely, and gently tell them, "no, I'm sorry, but it doesn't" and then explain what I do see.

Faerie Oracle deck by Brian Froud

Original Artwork (however the interpretations in the book {not that I follow that but...} is done by Jessica Macbeth and not by Brian Froud, however, they worked closely together in this project).

The pictures take thier own form, I can literally see people swaying, the leaves moving, the flowered crowns on their heads slightly move with them, floating, or changing their facial expressions slightly.

With using this deck, my gifts have opened up to clairaudience, and clairvoyance. I can hear them, feel them, sense them, and see them.

Their not "trapped" or stifled in any way...their allowed to move in the cards, take their own form. It's like they are alive even in the cards. You can REALLY feel them in every way when you first pick up the box from the shelf, and hold on to your horses when you finally get the chance to open them at home. LOL.

Their messages are soft and gentle to those that need a gentle message, but harsh and brunt to those that need a blunt and honest "to the point" answers.

They don't mean just one thing. They can mean one subject matter, but in what way it applies changes drastically. G. Hogbash for example to me means chaos (I always think of the tasmanian devil when I see him). He's full of energy and is ready for the explosion, be it good or bad. Chaos can be good or bad, watching your kids go wildly playful at a park can be fun to watch, however, watching a child go balistic in a tantrum fit can anger the parent. It can mean so many different things, depending to what it is pertaining to.

I also want to clarify that I gave my Healing with the faeries card to a friend that is just learning to read, and loves faeries. She loved my healing deck so I asked her to play with it for a little while. The readings that she was turning out was incredible, the relationship that she had with this deck was like instant best friends. I didn't communicate hardly at all with this deck, but that doesn't mean it's a "bad" deck. It really depends on what kind of faeries you are attracted to. Do you like the intermix of good and "bad" faeries (for example, do you find a dragon just as loving, and beautiful as you do a unicorn?). If you only like unicorns, butterflies, and the pretty faeries, then I would direct you towards healing with the faeries. If you like a good intermix of dragons, gargoyles, unicorns, and butterflies, then get the Brian Froud Faerie Oracle deck. (The Brian Froud deck does not have "gargoyles or dragons" in it, but what it does have is creature like faeries and alien looking faeries that can be spooky to those that don't like the "darker" aspects of the fae).

I would suggest also doing some meditation work, and ask your guides to show you a sign of which deck to begin working with first.


Yaraluna, perhaps you could find Brian Froud's book "Good Faeries/ Bad Faeries" in a bookstore and look through it. You'll get to see some of the faeries that are in the deck (which are often not openable in stores) and an overview of these Fae.

I was given the book long before I knew there was a deck. It helped me a lot in feeling comfortable with the cards.


I'm more or less with sagitarian on this one. I have (and used for a while) Doreen Virtue's 'Healing with the Angels' deck - yeah, I know it isn't the Healing With the Fairies deck, but I'm acquainted with that one too.

What I liked about it: Doreen's text constantly encourages the reader to talk to and ask help of the angels they draw in a reading - really useful I think.

What I didn't like about it: the artwork. It combined beautiful classical paintings with modern artwork that just isn't up to the mark. Some of the images are pretty cutesy, too. Also, I'm a guy, and the predominance of female images is obviously aimed at a female user, and left me feeling a bit out of it.

Okay, now the Faeries' Oracle. It's head and shoulders above the other one in every way. The artwork's superb, and combines female and male images in a fairer proportion. The images really... I don't know what the word is, but it's something like 'trigger' or 'stimulate' my mind. Also, it's more balanced - those faery challengers tell a necessary truth about people and the universe that's kinda missing in the other deck. And most important of all for me, the text that accompanies it is full of wisdom. Jesa Macbeth has got a lot of wisdom, but when she was putting the text together for that oracle, she was inspired. Really and truly.

They're both good decks, but the one we use here is a five star dandy plus.