Meanings of baraja espanola-based decks of playing cards


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just to keep things in order.

These are only some of the possible meanings of baraja-based decks of playing cards. If you are learning to read the baraja with other persons, and these persons use different meanings, then stick to the meanings you were taught.

In any case, keep it simple. The simpler you keep it, the better it works. Why? Because the basic meanings of baraja-based decks are minimalistic, and very naive if compared to the tarot meanings as they are taught today in books and on websites. But, don’t be deceived by the simplicity of these meanings – various techniques are used to achieve a more sophisticated interpretation of the cards. Additional meanings can of course be derived, based on the cards’ iconography.

These decks are composed by 40 cards, divided in four suits of 10 cards: cups, pentacles, wands, swords. Associations between the suits and the elements are virtually unknown – this connection was forged by British and French occultist circles.

Yes, there are so-called ‘bad’ and ‘good’ suits, cups and pentacles being the ‘good’ones. And there are also so-called ‘bad’ and ‘good’ cards. But, no suit and no card is inherently bad.


Ace – Home, love, abundance.
Two – Friendship.
Three – Healing and comfort.
Four – Disgust.
Five – Loss, regret.
Six – End of a friendly relationship.
Seven – Dreams, ideas, projects.
Page – loyal friend.
Knight – Invitation, useful friendship.
King – Responsible, wealthy man.


Ace – Wealth.
Two – Concerns about money.
Three – Business letters, acknowledgments.
Four – Surprise, stinginess.
Five – Adversity, mistakes, instability.
Six – Envy, egotism.
Seven – Increase in income.
Page – Avid man.
Knight – Reliable man.
King – Expert investor.


Ace – Beginning of a new endeavor.
Two – Choice, support.
Three – Fast decision.
Four – well-being, harmony.
Five – Luxury.
Six – Good news, useful person.
Seven – Professional success.
Page – Sudden news.
Knight – Travel, movement.
King – Loyal friend.


Ace – Creativity, power.
Two – Deceit.
Three – Pain and quarrels.
Four - Loneliness.
Five – Enemies, pain, death.
Six – Short travel.
Seven – Positive project, hope.
Page – False friend.
Knight - Skillful man.
King – Authoritarian person, man of cloth.