Meditating to visualize (see) faeries


Hi all

I've been trying to meditate but I always end up falling asleep! I've been reading "A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk" by Edain McCoy and it's very good but I just can't get the hang of meditating. I was wondering if anyone can post their mediation rituals and maybe share an experience of what they see or feel when they meditate? I also would like to know if anyone encounters what they feel/think to be faeries/elves/even maybe scary stuff and why they felt it to be those things.

Thanks for reading. :)

Faerie Lin

Hi Kirali!

I wonder, do you get enough sleep? Usually if you fall asleep meditating it means you aren't.


I probably don't get enough sleep. I get about a little more than 6 hours a night. I tried to meditate sitting up but got so relaxed that I decided to lay back and I fell asleep. After I fall asleep trying to meditate I have weird dreams. Like a couple days ago, I was half asleep and I felt like the end of my bed was slanting downwards and that I was going to fall forward and then I felt like someone took a hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up. I was slighty annoyed that my legs were feeling like someone has got a hold of them but I was too tired to put up a fight, but I wasn't scared.

It was sort of weird and disconcerting so I thought I'd better try to find a better way to meditate. You know try to find a way that works for someone and then see if I can try it out or something.


I've never fallen asleep while meditating, but I do agree the first step to fixing that problem is to get more sleep, alright.

Also, I don't recommend meditating lying down if you're new at it. It's a body position that we naturally associate to sleep, so by all the breathing and centering you're likely doing while meditating, you're putting yourself in a deeply relaxed state.

Then, you say, you lay down. Then, you go to sleep. I understand completely!

Try staying upright, and if sitting unsupported feels greatly uncomfortable, try curling up in a good chair instead. There are no "correct" body positions, in my opinion. So don't feel you *have* to be cross legged on the floor, staring at the wall.

I'd love to hear what results you have with your attempts to visualize your Faeries. I truly believe that when we whole-heartedly put forth the intention of contacting those spiritual beings/creatures who are with us, we can attain what we wish.



I used to have a really bad problem with insomnia due to horrible nightmares and didn't want to sleep. After a while, even if I wanted to sleep I couldn't. I started meditating and doing breathing excercises to relax myself and my mind TO sleep. I still have to do this to this day to fall asleep at night.

When I want to JUST meditate and not fall asleep, I usually sit up and place my hands in some kind of position where I keep track of them and keep them in that position. I then imagine a circle of white around the area I am sitting in and then think of myself on a bridge. At this bridge I imagine dumping all of my upfront concious thoughts into the water and watching it all wash away. Things like, bills, calls to make, making dinner, what I'm going to do this next weekend, chores, etc. Dump it all until my mind is clear. Then I imagine that I walk over to the other side of the bridge, and on that other side is whatever place I am trying to achieve to be. For example, a forest, meadows, a beach at sunset, whatever the case may be. If I want to call forth a spirit of some type, I imagine myself to close my eyes wherever I am at (say the forest, and I want to be with my dragon). I then call out in my mind something to the effect of "I need your guidance sweet dragon" and open my eyes (in the setting, not in my meditation). Usually at that point, I'll be sitting next to my dragon and I usually stroke his neck and/or back smiling to him and thanking him for being with me. I then tell him what guidance I could really use from him and I listen to what he has to say.

One example is, when I had a question about my relationship with my husband, I asked for his advice. He nodded his head for me to lay into his side and then spoke to me saying, rest sweet child, rest. You can not force the energies that be. You know he loves you, and you love him, which is more then what most people have. Rest your soul and quite your fears, you have nothing to fear when it comes to his devoted love to you. Rest and let him rest. Sleep now child as your body needs it." At that point, I slowly brought myself out of the meditation and laid in bed, meditated again to be at his side and curled up into his side and then allowed myself to fall asleep.

One thing you may want to try is to lay down, meditate, but before you fall asleep, envision your perfect setting. The longer you want to be at that setting, allow yourself to be there, then envision yourself laying down in that setting and THEN fall asleep. Practice controlling the meditation first before trying to sit up and meditate. Otherwise, you will lay down.

Since I use meditation to fall asleep, I usually mix both into one. If I want to meditate before I fall asleep for the night, then I do what I explained above, just laying down. When I'm done, I either come back to myself (sortaspeak) and allow my mind to clear and then sleep, or fall asleep in the setting as I described.

Let us know what eventually worked. Also, ask the fae for their help and guidance.

You name it, I've seen it while meditating. Everything from dark creatures to angels, lost souls to faery's, and have astral traveled to many many planes.



I tried meditating the other day and for about 15 minutes I saw a greenish hue and then after a while I thought I "saw" some images but they were fuzzy and when I tried to focus to "see" them better they'd go away but I could only sort of "see" them without "looking" directly at them. After 15 mins of doing that I got sleepy and took a nap. hehe It's getting better. I am able however to "interact" with a figure from the Legend: Arthurian Deck. My favorite card Queen of Swords Morgause. I can have imaginary conversations with her but I don't think it's meditation, it's more imagination.

Anyway for those who have seen or visualized creatures, I'd like to know if these creatures look exactly as you had imagined or were they totally off how you expected them to look? See I'm trying to figure out if meditating is more of imagining things, your perceptions or not. Like if you were to visualize a faery creature, would it be a creature you had seen in Froud's deck, or something in your head or something totally unexpected.

Thanks for reading and thanks for previous posts! I'd appreciate any response. :)


Re: follow-up

Kirali said:
Anyway for those who have seen or visualized creatures, I'd like to know if these creatures look exactly as you had imagined or were they totally off how you expected them to look? See I'm trying to figure out if meditating is more of imagining things, your perceptions or not. Like if you were to visualize a faery creature, would it be a creature you had seen in Froud's deck, or something in your head or something totally unexpected.

When I saw my dragon, it was a combination of both visualizing the dragon and the dragon appearing as he is. Some of him was as I would imagine him to look like and some wasn't. When I meditate and "visualize", that to me means to think of something that you already know or can picture in your mind. Sometimes that of which I "visualize" will form into it's own scenery or form. I have seen the faeries as Froud has drawn them in my dreams and they looked like they do in the cards, but they also changed at the time of dreaming of them, just slightly, but the change was still significant.


Thanks for sharing your experience, Sagitarian, that sounds really cool.

Kirali, imagination is the key to magic, and fae are magic if anything. I can 'see' them whenever I want to. Not with my eyes, because (normally) they are too whispy to reflect the light, but I can see them with my mind's eye. The images are kind of overlaid, when I keep my eyes open. With my eyes closed, I see a different kind.

For instance, I looked at a bird sitting on a pole, and also saw a bigger figure sitting there, a bird-fairy. The strange thing, I've noticed (and I hope this will make sense to someone) is that they don't use distance and dimensions the same way we do. A fairy can be huge and tiny at the same time. Things can come closer or go further away without changing size. For instance, if the fairy on the pole was man-sized thirty feet away, it might just as well suddenly be next to me, and be the same size in my eyes, that means, huge.

I hope I'm making sense here. :) The most important bridge I had to cross before i could see fairies was that I wanted proof I was really seeing them, and thus not allowing myself to see them. You have to trust your own imagination, and not worry about what's real or not real. Fairies aren't real anyway, so give it a rest. ;)


I´ve tried the guided meditation in "The Faery Ring",and I find them working very well.Yesterday I meditated with Queen Oongah(Una).First you see before you what the book says and then things start to happen "on their own".It´s like dreaming,being in control of what you do and say,and not of anything else.Maybe it´s imagining,but it doesn´t feel like it,because I´m not in control.
I also meditated with Brian Froud´s Fairies and my faery guide,and then it is more thinking"talking" to this faery and thinking"listening" to what she or he says.I see my faery guide for my inner eye,looking very much like one of Brian´s faeries from the Lady Cottington books.I´ve also closed my eyes and rather desperately asked for advice,and a faery who was unknown to me emerged and gave some advice.
I hope that helps.I´ve read through the guided meditation by Edain McCoy in the book you mentioned in your question and haven´t tried it,finding it very difficult(and long).I try not to seek contact with faeries that are not friendly towards humens.


But what do you do if they seek contact with you, genna?