Meditators--does anyone have a seiza bench?


I am thinking of getting a seiza bench as I can't sit more than 20 minutes or so without my leg going to sleep in a most distressing manner. I wonder if anyone has one and what they think of it?


A Laz-E-Boy recliner is more my speed! LOL!!!

Sorry, Carla - I had to Google what a seiza bench is! Since I have lousy knees I could never get down to anything so close to the floor - much less kneel with my legs under me! I did use a 'kneeling chair' when I used to quilt so it would keep my back straight.


No I don't have one of those. "Had to look it up too". In all honesty to me it does not look that comfortable at all way to low to the ground. For me like to sit on my bed with my back up against the headboard and legs stretched out in front of me mostly because of genetic back arthritis. "I am only 26 and have arthritis in my spine *cry*". Either way I have a hard time getting my Gemini gears to slow down enough to meditate. Every time I try random stuff pops into my head for no reason what so ever disrupting my relaxing process. It is always something that intrigues me enough to stop trying and dive in to analyze the thought. There is a time and place for AhHa moments wish my gears knew when those were.


Oh. Well, I sit in Burmese pose or even half lotus. But lately I've been getting some pins and needles. I need to pick up my yoga practice, that will surely help. I am attracted to the bench as I prefer being low to the floor. But I have just ordered a yoga bolster so will see if that helps with Burmese pose before I invest in a bench. :) x


Prefer a Zafu personally. Sitting in a reclining chair just sends me to sleep, I end up fighting against the sleep instead of using the balance of the body to keep awake while quieting the mind.


For those not familiar with the meditation positions or a bench:

I used a zafu cushion for years, but because my body and bones have been through the ringer, once I passed the 50 mark it became much harder. A friend had a bench that I tried out, but for some reason it made me feel "trapped" and unable to relax. I invested in a meditation chair which sits low to the ground and allows me to sit in the Burmese position or with legs unfolded. The rolled back helps me to keep from slumping.
I have the Rama chair, but would like to one day get the Wandering Monk chair for when I travel or do classes:


Well I am nothing if not capricious. I have ordered the seiza bench and will let you know what I think of it!