Meg's Hand-Drawn Cards & HP Tarot


Meg's Hand-Drawn Cards

i started making hand-drawn cards to give as gifts, recently. i am not sure if this endeavour will end up as a foundation for a new deck, but nonetheless, here are the cards i've done so far:

The Sun - for Lisa
Strength - for Mom


Meg, the hand drawn cards are really neat. The Potter cards, though, have a problem with copyright. When you use images taken from the films and play with them for your own amusement and interest, there's no problem.

But... as soon as you post them on the web without being able to say "images used with permission of...", it's a copyright violation.

And since it's Harry Potter, it's bloody likely to get noticed, as well, because they have, last I heard, a staff of people checking for internet infringements. These films have generated so much attention, and so much copying, that they are running as fast as possible trying to keep up with people posting images.


thanks, astra :) i will check that out; in the meantime, i'll remove the cards, just in case.


Hi Meg I really like your use of the flowers in the cards, and their simplicities and colors :)


I couldn't get the pics of the cards to load :( I would love to see them though.