Melody's Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia


photokat said:
Got mine for 70 bucks or so, shipping was 4.

Tad more for us downunder in Australia. I could use my US address but the item still has to come to me with postage costs.

There's a solution! i can move to the Uk })


Thanks, GMB :heart: ... and photokat :)

Yes indeedy... everything costs more over here, because we are um, distant, from worldly goings ons!!! Still, it looks delicious and I know I must, must, must have it! And will... one day... :)


Thanks cl22 ... so she did :) And I actually looked at links then, but am waiting on a word from loved ones as to whether or not I might receive this lovely thing.... :)


I was sooooooo tempted to buy this last week because Borders sent out a 40% off coupon! Plus free shipping. Next time this comes around I think I will have to get this book. I saw a copy of it in person at the gem/mineral show I went to a couple weeks ago and it is fantastic. A true gem of a book and the book lover in me just wants to posess it for that alone!


Mine is on its way, thanks to my beautiful daughters pooling together for Mother's Day... we don't really observe Mother's Day very seriously, but... Yay!!! This year, Melody's big one... woohoo!!!!!!!! :)