Mind Mine Tarot!


I have a journal I've been keeping that is sort of a map of my mind. I use it to meditate where I just relax and draw whatever comes into my mind. I call that journal Mind Mine. Well, I got inspired by the minors of Tarot of the III Millenium. For thos ewho don't know, it has pictures that are like cropped from a bigger picture. Well, last night I went through my journal and made copies of my favorite pages, then, with an index card as my template, I cut out certain pictures. Then I matched them up with Tarot cards and ended up having to find even more pictures. But now I have a full set of Tarot cards and it only took me a day! Well, they're not completely finished, I still have to glue index cards or something to the back to make them sturdier, but you get the idea.
I shall call it Mind Mine Tarot. The only thing is I doubt I'd ever publish it since it probably would never be accepted by most people and some of the images are so complicated and out there, that You'd probablt have to be a tarot super expert to use them for your average readings. But they are really cool. Many things are cut off which is awesome I thought because it gives you a place to start, and you have to finish it. It's so awesome, and Who would have though an entire set could be made within one day?


Yikes! One day? Awesome. I'm assuming that you'd been drawing for months, though, if not years, before you started to put things together, so I think you have to count all of it in...

Instead of index cards, you might want to visit a local stationery store and see if you can find some 8-1/2x11 heavy cardstock that you can cut to size - that will give you a little more choice as to the final weight and size of the cards.

And, well, I don't think I'm a tarot super expert, but if you get a chance to scan any of the images, I'd really love to see a few.


I've been working on the journal since last September, and I'm not even nearly done with that! But at least I was able to get enough pictures for the tarot set.
I just got my scanner, so I'm still playing around with it, but I'll have pictures up soon. Probably even later today! Yay for that!
Thanks for the idea about cardsstock. I'll have to check the prices of various materials. It's just hard to beat the availability, price, and ready to use size of index cards. But cardstock would be better, BUt I know some gluing tricks that can make things work.


" but if you get a chance to scan any of the images, I'd really love to see a few."


Same here! Personal approaches to the tarot fascinate me, and after reading your description, I also would love to see some of your card images.


Wuhooo!!! Looking forward to seeing some of them.

You know, the 'power' or energy of making your own cards is impressive... Just as handcrafting one's own wands or tools, making your own set of cards really imbues your personal energy into them.... Good going!


Laura Borealis

I like your sketches. I'm also intrigued by the site, deviant art -- is that a blogging system kind of thing for artists?

If you wanted to explain some of your symbology, I would love to hear it. :)


Woah Nice =)

Nice work there blashamma =)

DeviantArt is one of the many websites that offers artist to upload pictures in a gallery. Other people can then browse those galleries.


I have no idea what blogging means.

Well, as I said before, these images were cropped from a hournal I had done. When I was doing the journal, making a tarot card set was not my intention. So the images were just in there, and I chose a bunch of stuff and fitted it into tarot.
Some of the images have person meaning to me, but most, I have no idea where they came from! And I don't know if there is any of it in the cards you saw, but I even have sentences and words from made up languages... as well as real ones. They were just images that came to my mind. Have you ever wondered "What's on that person's mind?" Well, now you know.

I like how the set is very, very untraditional. It leaves the symbols to be up to your own interpretation. The idea sounded great in my head, but the cards have so much flying around that I think if anyone were to actually do a reading with them, they'd get a major headache!

But it's cool , and I may or may not use it for readings, but it is good for meditation... the same purpose as my journal. I just made this on a sudden whim... and as a break from the other set, or rather two sets I'm working on. I wasn't sure if anyone would take it seriously or not. I didn't know what to think. I'll hang on to it a while, and if I get a good response here, I may even think of publishing it. I wonder if there is an award for strangest tarot set.

Laura Borealis

blashamma said:
I have no idea what blogging means.

Oops -- sometimes I assume stuff! :|

Blog is slang for web log. Blogs are personal journals kept online, usually (but not always) public. The content is up to the author -- whatever they want to write about or share with other people.

Some people keep their own, independant of any blogging communities. But a lot of people use systems like livejournal or diaryland to keep theirs -- the advantages of that include already having the structure in place (so you don't have to know how to make a web page) and being able to connect with other people.

I didn't take a long look at the site your art is on earlier, but on a quick glance it looked like a blogging community for artists. I'm about to go have a closer look. :)

Thanks for explaining further about your cards. So your unknown languages are just whatever comes out of your head at the time you're sketching? Have you considered developing them for fiction-writing purposes, or are they just random? Either way, it's nifty.

Yes, a very unconventional deck... but I like the idea. And you might indeed get an award for oddest tarot. :D