Mini readings at an event spread?


I am going to be sitting at an event and am looking for some spreads to use for 15 min sessions, especially when the client doesn't have any specific questions. I got my butt kicked the first time I did a group reading and tried using the CC over and over again. This really didn't work for me. I am usually comfortable making up my own spread on the spot but was so drained by the group and wasn't connecting to Source with the ease I am used to.

So...I am looking to have some backup spreads leaned, just in case.


Thank you in advance!


I do not know if you are familiar with the book Tarot Tells the Tale, but in there you may be able to find a bunch of 3 card spreads. The author even has categorized them. I hope this helps you. Blessings,

Glass Owl

Sorry I don't know the author of some of these... but here's most of the two/three card spreads that I have collected.

Three Caskets Spread
(From Shakespeare Oracle: Let the Bard Predict Your Future)
1. Gold: What you desire
2. Silver: What you deserve
3. Lead: What you get

Deck of Shadows: "Desire - Defy - Escape" Spread
1) Desire: What you want
2) Defy: What you are fighting against
3) Escape: What you will leave behind

Eowyn's Stroke Of Good Luck Spread
1. Which is going to be your next stroke of luck?
2. How will it happen?

Glass Owl's 2 Card Advice Spread
1. This is what I should take a bit more seriously (embrace)
2. This is what I should take less seriously (let go of)

Rhiannon's Gopher Spread
1. Who have I been?
2. Who am I?
3. Who am I becoming?

Fishing Spread
1. What I offer the universe right now (worm)
2. What I may catch (fish)
3. What I can make with it (meal)

1. The situation
2. Don't do this
3. Do this

1. Problem/Issue
2. What Hinders
3. What Helps

1. Issue
2. Option One
3. Option Two

1. Id
2. Ego
3. Super ego

VoodooGyal's Creativity Spread
1. What skills do I bring?
2. Where I need to focus efforts
3. Benefit gained from skill growth

SaintOfScreams's Daily Spread
1. What will be the positive part of my day?
2. What will be my challenge?
3. How do I positively overcome this challenge?
4*. What is one thing I need to do/complete today?

Head, Heart and Hands Spread:
1. What do I need to know today?
2. What do I need to embrace today?
3. What do I need to do today?

Taken from Tarot Dictionary and Compendium by Jana Riley
The Other Person/Yourself/A Third Party
What I do to others/What others do to me/Synthesis of both
Person A's Perspective/My Perspective/The Situation (Satori changes to The Situation/Person A Perspective/My Perspective)

Satori Spread
1. Where I am Now
2. Where I am Heading
3. Pitfalls to look out for

Collected by Astraea Aurora:
*male --- female --- neutral
* mother --- father --- child
* thoughts --- words --- actions
* thoughts --- emotions --- desires
* what you want to do --- what you need to do --- what you can do in reality
* inspired by the image of a tree: bottom --- stem --- crown
* light (what's obvious) --- shadow (what's hidden) --- gray (what's real)
* inside --- outside --- advice
* outside --- doorstep --- inside
* inner self --- outer self --- advice
* strengths --- weaknesses --- advice
* blessings of the Gods --- blessings of the ancestors --- blessings of the elements
* what's moving --- what's standing still --- advice
* the key --- the door - the hand moving the key to the door
* querent --- question --- answer
* surface --- below surface --- DNA
* conscious --- subconscious --- depper than subconscious (the core)
* worm (what you offer to the Universe right now) --- fish (what you may catch) --- meal (what you could make out of it) (--> This is definately from AT, I remember finding it in the Reading Exchange.)
* idea --- challenge --- advantage
* challenge --- opportunity --- action
* something well-established --- a new breeze coming in --- how the new breeze improves and lightens the well-established thing
* what I feel --- what I think --- what I'm missing
* what you give --- what you receive --- your thanks
* what you wish for --- what you get ---- what surprises you
* nature of the issue --- cause --- solution
* hope --- inspiration --- guidance
* personal (self) --- interpersonal (relationships) -- transpersonal (humanity or morality) (--> This is by Leisa ReFalo.)
* emotional --- social --- spiritual (--> This is also by Leisa ReFalo.)
* the power to will --- the power to think --- the power to act
* yesterday --- today --- tomorrow
* the face you show --- the face you keep hidden --- your true self

PPF (Past/Present/Future)
Question/Querent/Probable Solution
Last Week/This Week/Next Week
Last Month/This Month/Next Month
Querent/Partner/Outcome (For Love readings)
Inner Self/Outer Self/Advice

Situation/Advice/Outcome (Major Tom)
Where I am/Where I need to be/How do I get there (Magecot)
Problem/Solution/Encouragement (Tallarico)
The issue/What is holding me back/What takes me forward (Quantum James)

Red Light/Green Light/Yellow Light Spread
Red Light - Don't do this
Green Light - Go ahead and do this
Yellow Light - Caution/be careful/be aware of this

CPU - Querent's thoughts on the issue
Monitor - How the querent views the issue
Keyboard - What the Q can "input" so the issue will work in their favor

Sun - What you see clearly
Moon - What you're having a hard time seeing.
Stars - What you wish will happen.

I - How the Q feels about a person or relationship
Love - What the Q loves most about the person or relationship
You - How the Q's partner feel about the Q or their relationship with the Q.

Maiden - Where or in what the Q or their issue is just starting to develop
Mother - What is in "full bloom" or has a very robust energy.
Crone - What is coming to pass or lessening in energy

Gas/Liquid/Solid (Checking the status of what you're trying to manifest)
Gas - What's still in the form of pure energy or thought in your life/What's "hanging out" in the ethers.
Liquid - What's starting to flow and slowly come into your life.
Solid - What's completely manifested and visible to you.

Child - Where in the Q's life they're like a child.
Parent - Where in the Q's life they're like a parent.
Adult - Where in the Q's life they're like an adult.

Sun/Moon/Rising (ascendant)
Sun - Your individuality
Moon - Your inner self
Rising - You outer personality

Found these at

1.The Nature of Your Problem
2. The Cause of Your Problem
3. The Solution to Your Problem

1. What You Need to Know About the Problem You Face
2. What You Can Do About It
3. Who or What can Help You


Wow, GlassOwl! What a treasure trove of mini spreads! Thank you for posting this. Blessings,


Holy moly! That gives me something to work with! Thank you so much, Glass Owl!

Glass Owl

Found some more....
3 Card Relationship Spreads By James Ricklef

To get clarification
1. Insights about your perspective of this relationship
2. What you should know about the relationship
problem itself
3. What you need to understand about your partner’s

To find resolution
1. Insights about your needs in the relationship
2. A way to resolve the problem that addresses both of
your needs
3. What you should understand about your partner’s
needs in the relationship

1. What strengths can help you?
2. What weaknesses do you need to overcome?
3. Who or what can help you?

General Relationship Spreads
1. What you should be thankful for in this relationship
2. What you should apologize for
3. What you should forgive (either yourself or your partner)

1. The foundation of your relationship
2. The challenges or problems of it
3. What you need to know or do about those problems

1. The current state of your relationship
2. A recommended action to improve the situation
3. A likely outcome of that action

1. What are the strengths of this relationship?
2. What problems in this relationship do you need to be aware of?
3. What can you do to improve this relationship? OR:
How can the strengths of this relationship be used to overcome its problems?

1. The blessings you bring into your relationship
2. The blessings that your significant other brings into it
3. Blessings that the Universe is bringing to you both

1. What is the importance of Love in my life?
2. How can I become better at manifesting Love in my life?
3. What is the biggest obstacle to my experience of Love?


An idea...

Yes, I agree with Syrinx, Glass Owl, you really rock with your ideas!

The first one that caught my eye, besides the fact that it was the very first one that you listed, is this:

"Eowyn's Stroke Of Good Luck Spread
1. Which is going to be your next stroke of luck?
2. How will it happen?"

For myself, I would add one more question to make this spread more effective, and that would be:

3. What is the obstacle that I need to look at that may stop this from happening?

No offense, Eowyn, because I love your spreads!!!