minor technical problem


This is my Celtic Artifacts deck. I just drew my Fool card; he is against a black background, & in the picture he is slightly off-center. I just drew him *quite* off-center, & I wonder if I should redraw him or leave him - the negative space *does* have some interest to it. What does anyone think?


Not really knowing how offcenter he is, I instinctively like the though of a non-centered fool.

While the fool is the center of his/her world he/she is also a free agent that is able to go where ever he/she pleases so... Why not stand a little out of line?

However, if it bothers the remaining deck too much you should probably move the fool into the center to not disturb the general feel of the deck.


Wow, what an insightful answer! I love this gang! Thanx!!! :D