Missing Fairies

Shadow Wolf

I just picked up my Fairy Oracle by Brian Froud and found that it was missing almost 20 cards. I know that they are in the house. I must have taken them out to carry with me and they never made back into the deck. I feel them
calling to me again after a long time of not using them.

Should I get a new deck or should I just assume that the missing ones are the ones I don't need right now and that I will find them when I do need them?

Or, did they just decide that they want to party on their own?

Shadow Wolf


Pick up your regular reading deck
Ask "Where are they"
"Do they want to come home"
2 card draw

If they don't want to come home, the set goes for cheap on Ebay every day of the week. I'd take the remaining ones, go for a long nature walk and tuck them in here and there, maybe they just want to be free.

Looking forward to seeing what cards you draw, we'll all suss out those little party-hearty folk...


Whenever someone finds out they are missing cards from their deck, it seems they quickly want to get rid of it and buy a new one. If you can't find the others, then yes, get a new deck, by all means. But, keep the others. What if something ever happens to your new cards and you need a backup of a particular card that the dog ate, the coffee spilled on, the baby ripped? Always keep those extra odd cards. And if the others finally show up someday, you will have an extra set, which might be very nice considering these goodies always go out of print. And you can always frame a few extra ones, or tuck them in bookcases and simply enjoy the faery realm!


I agree with HC, keep them. I bet they'll show up when they are good and ready to. They used to hide my book all the time when they wanted attention and felt neglected ... with you they went a step further and hid themselves ~giggles~. Ask your remaining faeries to help you attract your A-Wall faeries back! :D

Shadow Wolf

Thanks for all of you good advice. I hope they aren't mad at me. The ones that are missing, I mean. I really haven't done anything to anger them except maybe not take them out and play with them.

I just havent felt drawn to them again until just lately. I really do hope they want to come home. I miss them and want to use the full deck again.

Thanks for all your positive feedback.

I ask them to come home. I'll try asking the others where they are.


Shadow Wolf said:
I ask them to come home. I'll try asking the others where they are.
Ask the others to help you bring them back. Play music, dance, make up songs calling them home and sing to them. Laugh and play with your other fearies. Soon enough they won't be able to resist. Tough it seems they are pouting so they might take their time :D