Model release for photographic decks


I'm just wondering, for those of you who are using, or have used, photography for creating a Tarot deck. Have you had your models sign model releases? If so, what is the basic wording of the model relase you use?


Good question Trogon. I have loads of pics of friends who have posed especially for the new photo-manipulation deck I am working on and I told them all they can have a copy of the deck when it is published... :p I guess the publisher might make me go back and get everyone to sign a form like that before it is published... Had not really thought of it before... thanks for bringing it up. :)


Major Tom uses a lot of friends & family in his deck, he probably has a consent form of some kind.

Have you searched online for 'photographers model consent form'? There might be a generic one listed somewhere.

Major Tom

You might think I'd have a consent form, but I don't. :eek: I did look into the requirements but decided not to proceed with it because I have no plans to mass market my deck.

A standard photographer's consent form would do the trick. Basically all it needs to say is the photo(s) taken of the undersigned on such and such a date are the photographer's property.


Hi again! I did a search on "model release" and came up with some good links;

Apogee magazine has a page with a discussion of when and why you may need model releases, with a sample form;

Here's another link with just some sample forms - they're not really in a printable format on this page, but you can highlight the text and copy it, then paste it into your word processor;

The New York Institute of Photography has a very short and basic model release;

And yet another page with sample release forms;

This page has 4 sample forms which are somewhat in-between the longest and the shortest ones;

There are, of course, many, many more examples scattered around on the 'net. But these appeared to me to be some of the better ones.


Model Release

I am a part time professional photographer, my model release is the same I use for all my projects with models.
It basicly says
For the following considerations the model agrees to pose for a photo session. The copyright for any photos belongs to the photographer. For considerations I offer to assist with listing on some of the model agency sites in my area, and/or 8x10 glossy photos for her portfolio, and/or some cash amount negotiated before hand. The release must be signed and witnessed, and constitutes a contract in law.
Hope this is helpful to you.
Enjoy your art. I have some of my deck on skipsphotosgroup@Yahoo Groups.


Photo Deck, Model releases

I have most of a deck I am working on at skipsphotosgroup at Yahoo groups. If you stop by, I would appreciate any feed-back you would be willing to share.
Thank you;
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