Modern Spellcaster's Tarot aka Magical Spellcaster Tarot


Had not heard of this forthcoming deck from Llewellyn but I like what I see:

I know Llewellyn gets a lot of flack for only publishing RWS-based decks but that does seem to be what so many reader crave (aside from us crazed collectors on Aeclectic). If I have to see another boat on a Six of Swords I would be glad to have this one.


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I would rather see that 6 Swords too. Would love to see what he does with the 8 Wands and 3 Swords, which are my other two bugaboos about RWS clones.


Thank you for posting this info. New decks always get me excited, and this one looks especially worthwhile. I'm one of those RWS-based deck fans (please don't hate me). :)


I'm sorry, I worded that badly. I am a fan of RWS decks myself and this one looks lovely. I also love that the artist has designed cards for Magic: The Gathering, a game I adore.


That looks fantastic artwork. I can't tell from the write-up whether the deck will be B&W or in colour. The colour illustrations look gorgeous but whether printed cards could have that "oil paint" glow, I doubt but still...that's on my list.


I don't get the dot over the head on 6 swords
nor the eyedropper on judgement. Nor do I feel it is an either/or card.

Le Fanu

I assume it will be the paintings rather than the charcoals that are going to be used for the cards.

Good to see tarot moving away from computer-based artwork (if we can interpret this as a trend). I much prefer this style to the artwork in decks like the Wizards and Witches, which can have a plastic, already dated, feel.

Llewellyn have done a few decks recently which I shall provocatively call "real" art (as opposed to the plastic sort). Like the Hidden Realm, Victorian Fairy and now this. It really feels like a great deal of thought and care goes into the commisioning and choice of artist and I like the results.


I don't get the dot over the head on 6 swords
nor the eyedropper on judgement. Nor do I feel it is an either/or card.

I don't know about the eyedropper, but the encircled dot is the astrological symbol for the Sun, which actually shows the artist did a little esoteric digging, as that symbol isn't on the original RWS card.


It is lovely. I would definitely buy that one. Although I actually like the charchoal drawings even more then the paintings. I would love to see those in print.