Monday Divination and Intuition Practice


Monday, the day I dedicate to practice all non-card based divinations. All are welcome to participate.

Tea Leaves
Scrying (crystal, water, sand, clouds etc)
Song or Video
Whatever You Want To Try

*Sitters must be willing to exchange as well as give reasonable feedback right away.


Where have all the divine sitters gone to?

Not even the tarot exchanges are buzzing anymore. Will have to close shop for now to focus on other things. If anyone is interested, I'll be back to check in later.

Great day to all! :)


Hi! I'm willing to exchange! :) Will pop in from time to time to check if you're here.

Is a general OK? Like what do I need to know now?


Hi ,

I'll sit.

Will used bibiomacy.

Q. What's c's intentions for us in next few months?


Hi, I will sit :) I'd like to know what X thinks of my personality?



hi Goth,

I found amazon's randomizer - intrigued?


Hi everyone! Yes I'm interested in working on these. I got a little caught up in the celebrity decoding thread due to mindless fun I need right now. ;) I'll have to come back to these later today when I get more time. I had lots earlier..

Please come back later so we can complete some exchanges. Thanks for your interest!


Same here G,

I have a little time now but then not so much for awhile.

Will see if it can coincide with times to read here.

Go well,

Bonny :)