Monument by ADTR (Pressure and Relationships)


Monument by A Day to Remember
>>>Lyrics here<<<

If you haven't yet, pimp out a Schwinn bike with speakers, blare this song and ride down the biggest freaking hill in your town whilst standing up and singing along with the outro. So totally worth it.

Now to the actual spread. This song is another love song. The vocalist of this band writes a lot about love and how his touring habits effects them, and the choices he's presented with. This is also an "In your face all you hatters, I be famous" kind of song. Gotta love it. I'm focusing a lot on relationships and choices with this spread, so we'll see how this goes. :D

Card one; The Monument
"Miles away, and I wish this didn't mean so much to me; To be a monument for the rest of them"
----Jeremy (ADTR's vocalist) is expressing in these lines how important his music is to him, and what he brings to other people by doing this. ADTR is a monument for a lot of people. They express themselves through music and it reaches many. This card is representative of your work and the messages you want to spread. This is the monument that's also getting in the way of your relationships.

Card two; Your Dear
"It's Monday morning And I would kill for a chance to drive. Get so far away from here with you my dear That I'll never leave your side"
----This is your most cherished relationship, and what your afraid will suffer due to whatever issue The Monument is bringing. In Jeremy's case it's the distance of touring. In your case it may be how much overtime you have to put in, or how much time you have to spend on your ideas. This card is basically what you regret having to put on the back burner.

Card three; Your Soapbox
"Nobody knows the troubles I've seen In a van, on a soapbox for the world to see"
----This card represents the pressure your monument is bringing you. This your personal stress.

Card four; The Long Road
"We're getting older and I've started to fear for my life. Is this the way that it should be? This whole thing's riding on me."
----This is the relationship pressure. The pressure your monument is bringing to you and your dear, as opposed to card three which is more internal.

Card five; Your time to shine
"And I'll scream so loud that everyone in this place will hear every word I say, 'cause this is my time, this my time to shine. Let nothing stand in our way."
----This represents your ultimate goal, in terms of both relationships and career/art/whatever the monument is for you.

Card six; Twenty Bucks
20 bucks says you'll remember me when you see me on your TV screen. It may be the first time, but it won't be the last time.
----So. Damn. CATCHY! Haha, this is your outcome. Everything that comes from everything you've put into your work and your relationship.

Layout is simple, just lay the cards in a line, or with a little arc to them, just to make it fancy.


Hope it works out. Lemme know if you try it. :D