hi guys. (wasn't sure where to post this, so Jade feel free to move it!)

when I was visiting family over the holidays, my stepmum gave me a beautiful moonstone and diamond ring that used to belong to my mother. I had never heard of this stone before. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it --- you know how some stones are good for different things and have different attributes, etc..... Any info would be much appreciated!

thanks! moon-joy


Oh moonstones are beautiful stones!!!!
They have a big feminine energy. And with the rainbow effect they have many levels of intuition to draw from and are obviously oriented to the moon too.
I've always been drawn to them. When I was in grade school I asked my parents for a moonstone pendant and bracelet set - and got it!!!! I still have it too!!
I LOVE THESE STONES!! Well actually I love all stones, but this one has been with me my whole life.


yup, this is the right place :)



(flipping through gemstone books...)

The Moonstone is a stone of the Goddess.

It aides in physical healing of - the colon, the spleen, the female reproductive system/sexual organs (fertility/abortion/childbirth, menstruation/PMT, etc).

It helps give the wearer confidence. Helps in understanding dreams; aides in releasing emtions. It helps release tension/stress.

So I say, wear this ring!! :D

I also have a moonstone, and I use it in candle rituals, as the stone has a magickal glow in candle light.

Mystick Dragon

I have a moonstone in the Water section of my altar. It always shines blue. I bought it for fifty cents, but the lady helped me pick out MY stone. I'm going to buy some moonstone jewelry. I can tell a moonstone just by looking at it. I love moonstone, not because I'm a Cancer, and Cancer's stone is moonstone, but it's a pretty stone. My dragons love it too.



hey everyone. thanks for your responses. This ring is gorgeous, I'd love to show it to you all! :)

It's a large blue moonstone, set with three small cut diamonds on either side... and the band is gold and silver (or white gold, I dunno) --- it's lovely. And I love it even more so because it was my mother's. (she passed away when I was younger.)

I'm a little nervous to wear it though -- it's hard for me to wear jewelry cause I can feel it on me, and I end up taking it off and playing with it. (esp. rings, and also braceletts.) .... and also the moonstone jiggles a little, cause it's not set real tight, so everytime I move my hand, I can feel it.

anyway, I am glad to know what it stands for. sounds like a real feminine stone... which is just the type of energy I need to cultivate more of in my life.

Mystick Dragon

Why don't you go and get it tightened? I just got a sterling silver moonstone pendant. I love it. The dragons love it too.



I wore a small Moonstone in my shirt pocket when my periods were going horrible and all over the place: They were really painful, heavy, and darn annoying! So, I carried Moonstone with me, and the pain was alleviated. They regulated too, but that could be a result of growing, so I'm not sure if it was the Moonstone or not.

Definitely a beautiful stone though.