More news about my tarot circle


As some of you already know I founded a tarot circle here in Mannheim/Germany.

I am very pleased to say that its number of members has increased. There were 4 more newbies at our last meeting in November. 2 of them had already gained experience with Lenormand cards so I also think about devoting some time to other divination cards.

I started our monthly meeting with having each person draw 2 cards: one from the R/W deck and one from Crowley's Thot deck. Then I encouraged everybody to tell which impressions they got from the cards they had drawn. It worked wonder for "warming up" with tarot and I will keep on doing it like that. It was also a good method to have ppl speak about their present situation. Later we went on with starting some simple spreads, explanations on the "card of the day", how to choose a deck, etc.

It was very pleasant.


catlin (27 Nov, 2001 00:27):


You are very lucky...I don't have anyone close who is really into Tarot. That's why I love this site.




Your circle sound facinating. I'm glad it's working out so well.

It makes me wish I was within driving distance of Mannheim.