Morgan's Tarot: Grass


Owners of the deck, what do make of this card? In what ways do you interpret it in a reading?

Things that have occurred to me:
- The real dope, meaning "the truth"
- a recreational drug, or in some cases, a medicinal drug
- someone who shares the qualities of a habitual user of the drug
- plants or nature
- being high on life (or other things)

This is one of those cards I have trouble with, I usually just look to the next card rather than try to come up with a meaning. How do you read it in a Love or relationship context? Or work and career? In an existing relationship, I could see it advising one to take it easy and not get so worked up. In regards to work, the same could be true or perhaps one is being too easy going.
In any case, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.


Traveller, the term dope also means idiot so in a spread it may indicate foolishness ... idiocy .... someone/something that is offensive.

Idiocy itself can be the result of extreme mental retardation as well ... and dope/marijuana is a drug that crosses the blood brain barrier and can greatly affect a person's mental capacity or rather their 'ability to focus/cognitive changes' depending on how long they have been using it and how frequently.

The drug is also 'illegal' so in a spread perhaps this might be yet another interpretation, depending on the question and other cards of course.


Maybe it just means time to Chill Out and relax a little lol.
That is how I would interpret it.
This whole deck was created under the influence I think :)