Motherpeace Tarot and the House of Dior


A 2018 fashion resort line based on the Cave drawings at Lascaux, Georgia O'Keeffe, and the artwork of Vicki Noble from Motherpeace Tarot. How stunning Vicki Noble's designs are on clothes!

Chief among her other interests this season were a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition she saw at the Brooklyn Museum and a collaboration with Vicki Noble, the creator of the Motherpeace feminist tarot deck. From her start at Dior, Chiuri has linked magic with femininity and feminism. Here, she went direct to the source, printing T-shirts with Noble’s tarot illustrations or painting them on the back of leather Perfectos. Today’s activation had not yet begun when Chiuri announced she was dreaming about one in which Noble does tarot readings in the brand’s Paris store. That human touch is the charm of Chiuri’s Dior. And, of course, Monsieur Dior was a lover of the tarot.
Look #; 1, 33, 37, 39, 77, 78, 80


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Very cool clothes. Nice to see something different.


I love the whole idea and support more decks used in fashion...maybe more affordable fashion?

I think I could afford a t-shirt. Slow Holler Tarot sells some beautiful ones.


I love that they've used this great deck as inspiration! Some of the clothes look great.


Looking at the Motherpeace cards by themselves, I can't see them being used in designs for clothes, much less as staples in a collection for a haute couture line. This one just slayed it tho. Bravo Dior!


They do look amazing. Though I feel in awe of those coats on 42 and 54. I don't know whose art they are based on, though.