Motley Tarot from Tyldwick artist


The one thing I dislike about all of his cards is that they look like they need a good scrubbing! So muddy looking (to me). I do understand that he makes them that way for the antique look, as well as for atmosphere...

However, I do quite enjoy his artwork. Especially how he is designing the Motley. He really has a great eye for detail and imagery...


Did this happen ?


Damn; when I saw there was a new post, I came to see if...

Guess not :(

Laura Borealis

I don't see a new Motley card on his Facebook, unless I'm just missing it. It looks like the last one posted was in June of last year.

I should add - I don't mind how long it takes. I love what I've seen of this deck and I'll be happy regardless.


some things are worth waiting for :)


Botanical. So maybe the Tyldwick is about the house and the Motley is about the garden?

I like that idea.Keywords don't bother me so I could live with that,but I would prefer a LWB instead or more thorough guidebook.Can't wait to see more of this deck,and I have to get me one of his lenormand decks.

RiverRunsDeep eyes lit up when I saw this thread again, thinking someone might have news to share. I've been haunting Malpertuis' website fairly regularly, hoping for news of his Motley and Fresco tarot decks. Guess I will continue waiting patiently (with gritted teeth and irritable sighs :D).


Despondent about not hearing of any updates, so I checked the website tonight and was THRILLED to see that the website has been revamped, updated, and is much easier to navigate. Also, the artist seems to indicate that the Motley and Fresco tarots will be his next major projects, and that he plans to create a page for each of the decks with complete updates. Soooooo looking forward to hearing more!!


Well, that IS news! I really was hoping he'd eventually get to his Motley tarot :) been waiting forever, it seems!


Very excited to hear this. Also, off topic, the Wizard Laird is coming soon too. Very excited to see a revamp of his website and a confirmation of coming decks. He's such a great artist and his card have a rare atmosphere to them.