Just venting really- did a reading tonight, couldn't really believe what I was seeing (querent asked for general reading, with no specific question so I did CC)...she was in a real hurry, so I did a very rushed 5min overview where I think I failed miserably to get to the core of the issue because it was one of those 'total slap in the face' collections of cards where you need an hour+ to do them justice. And I failed to see something which now is so obvious :rolleyes:

Anyway, 2 hours later the spread had been stewing in my head and I just wish I could wind back time and do it again...because right now I could say what I needed to tell her in about 30seconds.

If anyone has a time machine please :livelong:

Anyone else ever wanted to wind back time and do a reading again?


Oh my gosh, yes! When I was new to using the cards to read for other people, I'd do a reading and then after the person was gone, I'd think of something I didn't say and just wish I could tell them the added information.

Really, though, I now trust the Great Wii (Great Whoever It Is) that I've been given the information I was trusted to give to the sitter at that time. The further information was given to me for my own information to learn my own lessons, but I wasn't meant to impart it to the sitter.

You know how it is with your kids---they'll take heed of something if their friend's parent tells them but they'd scoff at and disregard if you told them the same thing? It's been my experience that this is true of life and our interactions with other people in general, too. The information I read in a sitter's cards was the part of their life's lessons that I---personally---was supposed to give them and if there was more, somebody else or something else is going to impart it to them at whatever point they're supposed to hear it.


It happens. Don't beat yourself up about it. You're a human, not a god.


Yep, Earthair. Been there, done that. Haven't done it lately, mostly because I haven't read much for anyone else face to face for a good long while. When I do start that again, I figure I'll take photos of all readings and get email addresses so I can expound on it later and send it to them if needed. If I don't feel the need, I'll think of it like Grizabella does - they got all they were meant to get from me and someone else will give them the rest.

Btw, you're awful brave to do a general CC in five minutes! I'm not that gutsy. :joke:

Really, though, I now trust the Great Wii (Great Whoever It Is) ...
I LOVE THAT! I'm SO going to use that, Grizabella. Would you mind? Is it a Grizabella Original, or did you come across that somewhere else? It's perfect! :joke: