Music during meditation...


I experienced something strange during meditation today. I was about 15 minutes into my meditation, was seeing many visions and I realized I was hearing a song. I often hear songs hat I know (from radio and whatnot) when reading for people that give me little clues as to the situation. This was different. This was a song that I've never heard.

I did a little research but all I could find were people talking about hearing instrumental music playing (which I have also heard before) during meditations. They all said it was beautiful and angelic (a lot of harps). This was something else...there were instruments but the main focus was the woman singing. I wouldn't say her voice was was very odd...kind of rough edged...more haunting than pretty.

I don't remember exactly what the words were but it was something about love or lost love. There was something about hearts beating together...but it sounded sad or like pain.

"The heart. It beats. It beats....together."

It went on for about a minute and then abruptly stopped. Very strange.

Any thoughts?


wow. interesting. I sometimes hear music too when meditating and sometimes even when I'm doing my usual things during the day.

In fact, just today--this morning, my alarm went off at 7:30ish--and it plays a song--though I didn't have the alarm set. When I heard it going off, I thought to myself at first, "That's odd, I don't recall setting the alarm!' and I got up and went in to turn it off, but it stopped playing as soon as I got to it. (generally it continues to play till I turn it off) I checked and the alarm was NOT set! So, I know it must be related to spirit--but so far nothing else has occurred to let me know who or why.

This has been happening more frequently lately - (and sometimes it does happen like this for me--but its been a long time since it has occurred)- and I've been hearing things more like chimes and soft music--but inside the house--not coming from outside--and I don't have any chimes anymore hanging outside at the farmhouse anyway.

I hope you can figure it out what this music means that you heard. I sometimes will finally get the message that its spirit and a particular one--with a message--sending the music to me. I just have to be patient and wait to see what and whom it is. Perhaps in time you'll find out exactly why and whom or what it was.


Thanks, CN! Very interesting.

It didn't occur to me until after it happened that it might be a spirit trying to communicate. lol I'm a little slow. haha!