Musing on 365 Tarot Spells - by Sasha Graham.


So - I resisted buying it for a while.
But I have it now.
And mostly - I just dip into it randomly - here and there with no particular aim.

(I like Tarot + Magick - A lot :joke: :joke:).

I just wanted to express really - how delightful I've found it so far - that
just dipping in and reading through a page at random - quite often has given me a
little "Aha!" moment about something in my life.
I've not tried any of the spells yet.

The incantations make me laugh and the little snippets of history are interesting.

Ix Chel

I have this book. Never tried a spell. I love also the history snippets. It is also an interesting way to learn the cards.


I really like this book, as much because it seems like the rituals have been clearly thought out a bit as because there's a good balance of spells provided, there's some interesting applications, and all of the musings on the cards are really interesting and thoughtful. I too haven't done any of the spells/rituals yet, but I have a healthy number of bookmarks on my digital edition for ones I plan on trying soon!