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hi all

Just thought I would tell you what has been happening with my faeries.

First time I drew a card I got death now I know death does not equal death. I was still a little freaked and read the book just to reasure my self. After all faeries are not tarot. Reassured and quite happy the next two days I get singers of intition then to day I drew Faun. So I went and played in the garden it was not to cold and plants I thought I had kided last year are starting to sprout.

Any way what I want to say is what a great way to start with them. Still learning though nothing changes.


You are right Bonnycat! What a great way to start working with the fae!
Death was telling you, with that secret smile she has under that shroud, that you are embarking on a whole new adventure...and I really mean adventure! Once you allow the Faeries into your life, there's no telling what could happen!

Congratulations on plunging headfirst into the Otherworld!
Enjoy your faeries!


Playing in the garden with Faun.
Sounds lovely.
I can't wait for Spring.
Congratulations Bonnycat.
You have many happy days ahead of you with the Faeries!


I had a unique experience with the Death card in this deck.

After I first opened it, I was doing the exercises where you go through the deck and pile them into categories -- light cards, dark cards, then I started making up my own categories and doing it again.

I selected male, female, or gender neutral/unknowable as my categories. I piled piles around me on the couch. My husband looked at me, knew I had been waiting for weeks for this deck to arrive, and asked me what I was doing. I told him.

He picked up the pile closest to him, females, while I continued sorting. "Why did you put this one here?" he asked, holding up the Death card.

I blinked. "I didn't. I put it in the neutral pile over here..." I pointed to the ones nearest my thighs.

It was right about then I realized this deck was going to keep me on my toes.

I later have been told that the Death is considered a female Fae by Froud. Strange, huh?

In any case, I hope you continue to enjoy this deck as much as you do right now, while you get to know these unique creatures for yourself.


Alissa, I simply ADORE the death card. I have a tendency to roll my eyes at the way many Tarot books insist on Death being a positive card. (It's a skeleton! With a great big scythe! Don't tell me it shoudn't scare me, even if it ISN'T about literal death!)
She is mysterious in a beatiful way. And that card simply exudes feminity... of the best-friends variety. She's not there to take things away from you, she's there to help you over change. She's veiled, I think, because she doesn't want you to rely too much on her... she wants you to know that YOU were the one who triumphed here.
Every time I see her, I'm struck by how absolutely lovely she is, in her comfortingly dark simplicity.

Wisp Wings

Hi Bonneycat, thank you for sharing your cards with us. I love these cards too. I think from both Death and The Faun you were on one level being shown that Death is starting to lift her veil of winter over Mother Earth and there is soon to be the initiation of Spring. The Faun brought you out to show you this passage of winter's death is about over as the sprouts have weathered the trial and new life is on the horizon. I love how these cards have layers. Watch to see if they parallel with actual events happening in your life or of close friends or family around you too. I don't meant literal death either, but just a shedding of one way while opening up to something new.