my dream-joy-magic reading - input please!


Hi- I did my first Dream-Joy-Magic reading with my fey tarot, and would love others' input on this reading, please!

DREAM: (what could happen - possibilities & opportunities)
The Hanged Man
giving up something
spiritual awakening
seeing from a new perspective
letting go

JOY: (reason for being joyful and happy)
care, rest, recuperate energy
quiet, silence, patience, receptiveness

MAGIC: (what can and will be if one believes strongly enough)
5 of swords
reflection, mental silence, calmness, lucidity

My general feeling from this reading is one of quiet solitude and reflection. Of going within and find a new perspective and insight. I did not ask a specific question. I just did a general reading.

Other perspectives and thoughts are welcome!



I have a tough time with this spread, I know once it clicks, it will be quite useful. Being that it is a general, makes it even tougher, but the common connections of the cards just kinda says it all.
Things can be seen differently, that usually comes by taking a time out, going to a place of solitude & really think about things.
Letting go, there is the hanged man, he must let go or he will have no air, then the Fey on the sword, she sends sparkels into the wind. The fish, symbolically are sometimes associated with knowledge, the HM fish seem to be quite interested in the Fey, with curiousity comes experience, and knowlegde. Temperence, she has a fish halo, might this represent use of such knowledge?
or having recieved the knowledge.

sounds like a typical learning experience that can occure in any area of life- "experience it, learn from it (reflect), let it go, don't do it again"


ah lunalafey -

Thank you so much for your insight and perspective. I really appreciate your input.