My Faery Guide: Mie


I meet my faery guide last week as I was drifting off to sleep. She is a tiny thing with deep-water blue fading into a dark purple wings. She had shoulder length hair that is dark brown almost black that had ringlets at the end. Her name is Mie (pronounaced MeEE). Sounds pretty and almost innocent right?

Not my faery guide. She is Tinker Bell who is seriously channeling some harsh Drill Segt. She came to me as I said when I was about to fall asleep. Then promptly smacked me and informated me that I needed to use the Faeries Oracle or give it away. :eek: Pretty blunt message there, however she seemed relucant to have me give it up for some reason. Admittedly I have had passing thoughts on it, while I love the cards and images I simply don't use it.

However she was very clear that she wanted me to do a reading with it(posted at bottom) , since I wanted to know more of why she choose that moment to come pacing (literally) into my mind. I asked what it is that she wanted me to understand. The reading made a great deal of sense as to what I see and hear on here about the Fey and they're playfullness but also their ability to help heal. I am wondering if she wants me to use the oracle to heal or if she wants me to use the oracle because I'm now more open to the Fey realm? Or mostly likely since I'm more open to the realm I'll be able to understand what it is that I need to be healed from with their input.


What does Mie want me to understand from the Fey?

6 The Singer of Connection-Rx: This connection isn't happening because I'm unground and unable to connect to what is important that the faeries are trying to help me with. If I am to work with them I'm going to have to try to unblock this aspect of it and open myself up to the Fey and their wishes. Unfortunately I'm being back by someone with...

59 The Bodacious Bodach: tendancies, I think this is myself mostly. I need to let myself believe in the Fey and their unusual powers to begin happening. I'm not sure where this will lead but it will be an interesting ride. As long as I am able to get past this Bodach.

44 Lys of the Shadows: Once I do get past that though, these two ladies will help me along the way to help improve myself and my ideas. Lys doing more for inner work of the mind and soul. Helping me achieve what I self-confidence but only if I'm willing to let her help me. Because after all it is only me that will be able to do it.

28 Penelope Dreamweaver: This is the one that will allow my mind to be creative again, allowing ideas and dreams to flow freely through it without any blockage or henderance. I simply have to be willing to hear what she has to say and able to see it for what it is. I can't simply past things over because they don't make sense.

Please note that I used the method that they suggested in the book for a spread. Position one seemed to be what I needed to do but whats being blocked or hendered by position two. Positions three and four seemed to be re-enforcing one another. (as I looked at the back of the cards)


Hey Tabi, congrats on meeting Mei! Yes they are blunt ~giggles~

From what you have said, it seems that Mei is challenging you to either dig in or get out! And the Boadach is about your reservations to move forward because it all seems a bit crazy to you. Does this sound about right? Mei is challenging you to believe, turst, and experience.


Tabi, i did read this yesterday, but couldn't respond at that time. I found your post quite enjoyable, really. Yes, our faeries can be very blunt and honest with us at times, huh? They've come after me more then once too to put me right! :laugh:

how lucky for you to meet Mie. Maybe you should offer a few readings with your faerie oracle here- it could help keep Mie happy with you. :laugh: