My first card


Hi all :)

I've finally designed my first card. You can see it here:

The purpose for me is to design cards that have personal meanings for me. I go through a process when I'm working on them.

I choosed Death as my first card since it has occupied my mind lately. As you might see I'm into both Scorpio and the sign for Pluto have a place on the card.

I have integrated death in this life, and I deeply feel and believe that it's just a part of the eternal cyclus. Death is a good thing, and all destructivness in life has a purpose. The need to destruct is equal to the need for something better.

Everything has to die.....even the sun and earth will die one day, and they say that the universe also collapse from time to time. It'a all about cycles.

That's why I choosed the baby on the card, cause death is a promise of new life and new beginnings. Death is necessary before a rebirth. I want to take away the fear of death, and give it a better reputation. It's just a part of life......maybe one of the few facts we can hold on to......and not to forget: It's fair! Death don't make a difference between Bill Gates and a drug-addict who lives on the streets.

Scorpio stands for death, but also I guess that it's the sign where we find the source and secrets of life. It's been said that scorpio holds a secret, and that it one day will swing it's tail and untie Orions belt so all the stars will fall down. Maybe that's when we break free from our reincarnations....?

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and is associated with transformation. So that might mean that our cycles have the purpose to transform us to divine spirits.

Finally.....the bat on the card is also associated with rebirth. It's been said that before a rebirth......big or minor.......we dream about flying creatures. I had a bat dream once before my big rebirth and total change for 10 years ago. I even got a card from a friend the next day saying: Bats for your brain! Don't know why she wrote that, but it means a lot for me. So the bat had to be on a death card for me.

Well, that was the story behind the card. I'm looking forward to design more. I think that now when I've finished death, it's time to work on a very different kind of card. My dreams lately says so too....

Happy for any feedback! :)


Balder: Nice to see ye again :)

I like your design very much & the insight invested in its making. That we shall break free of the cycle of reincarnation is food for thought; can be said to be a goal.

I look forward to more of your cards.