My first night with the faeries

Aura Wolf

I just received my Faeries Oracle today. Just thought I'd share some of my experiences so far :D

First off, after I opened the cards, I did some of the exercises in the book (most appealing, least appealing card, etc). My most appealing card turned out to be Himself, least appealing, Gloominous Doom.

After a bit, I needed to start a journal. So I went downstairs to find a duotang to use, but they were all kind of old ones, that had already been used. For some reason the faeries kept pushing me to get the white one (yes, I could already feel them) even though it had stains on it! So I did. I brought those upstairs and the next thing I know, they're pushing me into my mother's room to get the fabric with the leaves on it (this is what they indefinitely wanted for their bag). I had totally forgotten about it. But they told me to go get it. They are pushy ones but they are very informative, I'm glad they saved me the trouble and told me what they wanted right away!

Later, I had spread the cards all over my bedroom floor in rows, doing the third exercise in the book (the one where you close your eyes and pick a card that you are drawn to). It turned out to be The Faery Who Was Kissed By The Pixies. Made so much sense yet again. Anyway, I had left the cards on the floor and my cat entered the room. She went crazy! She sat beside the cards and she kept looking at them like they were alive, and then attacking. The first one she attacked surprised me, as it was Gloominous Doom. I told her to behave but every few seconds she would act like she saw something and attack another row of my cards, scattering them all over the place. I think the faeries were taunting her, because she has never done that before.

And that's not the most amusing part. I was talking to my boyfriend on the internet after studying the cards for a while. We talked for a while and I told him about the faeries and what had happened. Now he's not the real spiritual type so he playfully teased me about the faeries since he doesn't really believe in that kind of stuff. After a while he went to bed, and I went down to get something to eat and put a nice label on my faeries' journal. Well I came back up, to find that my boyfriend had logged back on, and although he was already gone by the time I returned, he had left me a message. No sooner had he left for bed than the following events ensued:

"Okay, maybe I believe in your faeries now. First I blinded myself with my lamp, then I was trying to unscrew one of the bulbs and burnt my finger really bad, then when I was soaking my finger in my pop (cause it is cold) I spilt it all over my bed and my book. Ouch :)".

I e-mailed him and said that it looked to me like the faeries were putting him in his place for teasing about them. But I said I would tell them to behave :D

In short: I am enjoying my faeries very much already! And I have barely just begun my studies...


Definitely sounds like the faeries to me! You're so lucky that they came to you so quickly - mine took a couple of days to make their presence known. I'm sure they'll be nice to your cat eventually; they're probably just making sure she knows where she is in the hierarchy (in other words, below them; I think I'm below them too!).

Luv, Fi. x


Oh Dead Star your post just made me laugh out loud.
My dogs are looking at me like I'm nuts..
I'm so glad you are getting on with your fairies.
And I totally agree with Dark_Angel they want your cat to know just where she stands in the new scheme of things. (way below the Faeries)
So they have already picked out their fabric for their bag.
And "the Boy" is teasing them..
Well, wait untill you move in together he'll be in for some trouble (Faerie style)
Can't wait to hear more! :)


laughs and claps her lil hands in delight...oh goodnesses, those little dears. I swear, I can't go anywhere without my fae playing with people, things, doing something. They play their tricks on me too, just to keep me on my toes, or to help me with a new perspective in life. I'm so glad you are connecting and communicating with your faeries so strongly.



I assure you, it won't stop with spilled pop. I don't think it's possible to completely know the faes, because their meanings and messages shift with your needs.
You are going to have a lovely time, I promise!


Am I most intrigued and half-scared of what you're all saying (well, I do have a new cat who needs to be put in his place!).

I had been given the Good Faery/Bad Faery book by my daughter about 3 years ago. Intrigued and a little scared then, too, going through the book and looking into all those eyes. Hypnotic!

Then I got into tarot seriously and manically--and just recently found out this Faery Oracle exists. I ordered one last week from Amazon, THEN realized they were the Froud creatures. Got out my book to say hi! again. They urged me to make a bag for the cards, so that's ready and waiting.

Ever since then I've had a feeling "something's coming!" I've started reading posts in the study group to GET READY and . . . I hope I can handle them!

Today Amazon says "My order has shipped" so . . . here they come!


Dead Star, what an introduction They made to you three!

I look forward to hearing lots more from you now that your cards are with you, and Imagemaker, I hope to hear lots from you too!! This deck is unique, there is no doubt about it.

Aura Wolf

After I asked them many times, they chose the fabric of my white satiny shirt for the outside of their bag, and for the inside they chose the black fabric with the pretty dark grey, teal, and purple leaves on it. I thought for sure they'd want it the other way around, but they insisted. Modest on the outside, wild on the inside, just like the fae. I suppose they wanted to play among the leaves. They kept me up until after 2 in the morning making it last night, until I gave up and told them I had to go to sleep. They nestled between the fabric until this morning, when I finished it for them. The string I wove for their tie doesn't even match the bag very well. They wanted blue, green, and silver. Crazy faeries :D But they seem happy so now I can study them some more.


After reading all the posts here, I did a lot of preparation for the arrival of my faeries. I paged through my Good Faery/Bad Faery book and greeted all of them in that form. I drew a sketch of Solus and wrote welcome on it. I made a possible bag, then set out other fabrics for backup choices. I went through my "sparkly" box of crafts-bits--everything that could be set out as a tempting toy for a faery.

As a start, I picked out some blue wing-shaped abalone earrings and a red fimo heart (open center) that my daughter had made. Then I wrote a "greeting poem" for the faeries. Hey, I wanted them to feel welcome and happy!

Last night the Oracle box arrived and I let them out. So far, all are fairly quiet, looking around at all these offerings. I started asking them to help me with a couple projects, too.

As for the bag, after telling them they could travel with me a lot more if they rode in a particular bright red zip bag (formerly the home of my Robyn Wood deck), I put in the winged earrings and the heart and the greeting poem.

And now I'm at work and they're sitting here, looking at the college library, meeting the book faeries. So far, going ok!


Imagemaker I think they are quiet because they are totally overwhelmed with your spectacular welcome!
They are probably thinking up some very creative way to say thank you.
How would you feel about a champagne fountain surrounded by pink elephants and peti fours for desert?
A new kitten?
Jury duty so you can make new friends?
A nice potted plant?
You just never know what they might bring....
Can't wait to hear.
Enjoy those faeries.