My First Reading...


It's been about two weeks since I got my FFO.
In that time, I poured over the cards, put them away, pulled them out again, poured over the book, put it away, pulled out the cards and the book, prepared to return the set...
Well, that was the first three days, anyway. :D
As I was putting the cards back to return the whole outfit, "Himself' looked up at me with that intense, steady gaze.
I felt like I was looking into a mirror.
Well, you know how it is...I had to look up that card in the book, even though I was taking it back.
He said, "Be yourself."
While I chewed on the meaning of "Himself," I pulled the next card from the top of the deck: "The Laume."
She said "This is a gift."
Suddenly, I wasn't so sure I wanted to return the Faeries, so I put the set aside, and forgot about finding the receipt.
In fact, I forgot about my Faeries all together, until about a week ago.
Friday before last, I got home late from a night out with friends, and was too wired on lattes to sleep. TV sucked, and the computer didn't last long, 'cuz all I do is check e-mail and go on Aeclectic, anyway. ;)
But my brief visit to the AT boards that night reminded me of my Faeries, so I pulled out the set again.
The first card I looked for was "Himself." It's still like looking at my reflection.
I scrounged up a Sharpie and printed "Be yourself" under the image. Yep, I wrote on the card!
The next card I went to was "The Laume." I wrote, "Giving..." below her image.
That night, I stayed up until 3 a.m., studying the deck, and jotting key words on about half of the cards.
Throughout the week, I re-read the book front to back, made notes and completed the exercises.
Last weekend, I finished marking my cards with my very own key words.
This deck is definitely mine! We've been through a lot together, including two beverage spills, one lunch splatter (ketchup), and a marker mishap. There was also a near kidnapping (faerie-napping?), but charges will not be filed at this time.
I finally colored the card edges with a brown marker matching the borders and backs, to cover up the beverage stains and Sharpie boo-boo. :D
Last night, I did my first reading with my Faeries...
I asked "What are you going to teach me?"
My answer: "Himself."
I pulled a second card for clarification...
"The Laume."
No kidding!
I asked, "Why these cards again?"
My answer: "The Faery Godmother."
I could have sworn she was winking at me!
:D :D :D
EDTED because the Faeries dared me to "submit" without going back and I went back when they weren't looking! :D


Oh Tauni I love it! Another one bites the dust! You think you made them your own but they really adopted you. That is such a special way to start off your life with the faeries. And they don't mind if you write on them (it just tickles a little.) Welcome and enjoy.

The think the thing that is different about the FO is that you can evaluate each card like you do with the tarot and learn alot. But the real joy is the experiance of them, the stories they provoke, the very intimate way they find a special connection just with you. The way one card will pop up in your face and tell you something that you never thought of thinking before. They have a wonderful kind of grumpy sense of humor that makes me laugh all the time.

You will never regret keeping them. Nameste.


oh that is just classic. How wonderful that you decided to keep them with you afterall. Then again, what little choice do we have? LOL.

I think the reading you did on your relationship with the fae is beautiful.

I hope your journey into your faery is a as deeply involved and meaningful as mine has been. They've showed me ways to solve some deep rooted issues, and has led me down a path I never would have dreamed before, including professional reading and writing a book. But that remains to be seen ;).

All is sacred in the faery ring.


That was a good story and good reading. ;) Thank You for having courage to leave the story about your issue after editing. ;) :)


lol great story tauni. The cards are not that mischeivious with me. In fact I find just the opposite. But hey, maybe that's just me. I still adore those cards.