My healing mantra


I've come up with a healing mantra. It's based on The Bible and the biblical God - which the bible says we are created in his image - a reflection so to speak. It could as well been the moon reflecting the sun.

The mantra is:

"I am God and I am all good and evil. That is why I hate myself"

It's based on an almighty God, and the reason that him (and I) hate myself - is that good hates evil and evil hates good.

I've printed it out and framed it on my wall, and it really heals my painful mind.

Do you also find it healing?

Added; I hate myself, but I love myself for being honest about it :)

So to sum it up, the mantra would be:

"I am God and I am all good and evil. That is why I hate myself - as good hates evil and evil hates good. But I love myself for being honest about it"


The freudian slip, or the hidden typo:

"... as good hates veil - and evil hates good"

Coinsidence? :)


Interesting. This supposes that love and hate are opposites yet really they seem to be two sides of the same coin. The opposite of hate is often indifference and the opposite of love is lack of love.

This begs the question, what is 'good' what does it mean? Likewise, what is 'bad' what does that mean? Is it just our human perceptions of what is comfortable, easy, nice or painful?

Please forgive me for questioning your mantra Tor but these are fundamental questions I have which underpin my distance from Christianity. IF the Creator is all things, which does make sense, then the notions of good and bad, sacred and evil, positive and negative then all come down to human perceptions rather than balance which would be what the Creator is all about. Male and female - neither are right or wrong, they are simply two halves which create a whole. Night and Day, neither good or bad, just two necessary parts of life which offer different opportunities. Summer and winter etc etc.

It is precisely this kind of sectioning off and making things fit into good or bad camps which put women in the bad, dark, evil, night camp and men into the good, light, day, sun, positive camp.

For me, there are no such divisions. How do you feel that your mantra relates to all things?


I agree with you, Milfoil - make sure it's no doubt about that.

But we live in a world that seperates - our brain does that all the time (we're not dead and unlimtited souls yet) - so I find it healing in it's honesty - it says that good hates evil and evil hates good - and that we have both in us (good feelings/bad feelings makes our desicions).

So to be mundane we have to fight with knowledge, and since no man is an island - we have to interact with people that are not aware of the wholeness in God.

See it as a psychic protection/healing mantra, since it fights back against singleminded people :)


Like Milfoil, I must apologize in advance, although you do raise some interesting questions. Now, I'm Jewish, and am not versed in Christian theology, but I'll try to take my own perspective on what you say. Now, as a caveat, I should point out that in Jewish tradition, evil doesn't exist. There is no Satan, no Hell, no Original Sin. Since God is all, all must return to him and be part of His plan. People sin in the Bible, but the worst punishment is death. Even the residents of Sodom will indeed enjoy the fruits of the coming of the Messiah, since they are still from the seed of Adam.

Firstly, both in the Bible and in the Kabbalistic tradition, God embodies what is called the Duality of One, both male and female, and also something else altogether. He (I'm using the masculine for convenience's sake) is introduced at the Burning Bush as simply Being, "I am that I am." This simple sentence, in my mind, really embodies it all; the beginning and the end, the first potentiality, the sum of sums. There are actually two Genesis stories back to back; one which is the more familiar and one which follows the Greek tradition of the creation of androgynous beings. But I digress. The point is, that even when a man sins, he is still a man, and, at least the Old Testament God, does, to a point, recognize that man is imperfect. Adam and Eve were merely banished from Eden, not destroyed. After the Flood, God made a vow that never again would he cause the total annihilation of the world. The Bible recognizes that people really are just people.

Having established that, it follows that good and evil, like Milfoil said, are human constructs, that the Law of the Torah seeks to merely codify. In a sense, anything that seeks to destroy God's Creation is considered evil. Killing is not bad merely because you destroy another person, but because they are not yours to destroy; you didn't create them and you had no part in their existence.

I feel I'm going far 'round the bend to make a point, but I feel the need to establish certain points first, and this is a fascinating debate in any case. I try very hard not to be critical of other religions, but I find the Christian concepts of Good and Evil quite alien to me. How can the Devil be the sum of all evil, if he is a fallen angel? Why should he punish those who don't follow God's law, if he is in fact, evil? Does he work for God? Is he his lackey?

In any case, having established that there is Nothing but One, it follows that all departs and returns from the same source, both Love and Hate, Good and Evil. The divide between the two is not apparent in Jewish tradition; even Ahab and Jezebel were ultimately human, flawed, but still embodying God's image. Hatred is in fact separating yourself from the rest of Creation by deciding things you aren't qualified to, thus acting as a Creator which, obviously, no one is entitled to do.

ok, I really have lost myself a bit here, but bear with me a few more sentences, since at last, I'm coming to the point. Remember the Christian Golden Rule which states "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is actually a subversion of the Jewish negative Golden rule, which, in my mind, makes a little more sense. "Do not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you" is a lot more freeing and democratic. You don't have to be a good person, you don't have to love everyone, just be human, and the rest will take care of itself.

So, after all that, and I hope any of this made sense, I wouldn't say change your mantra, but a better one in my mind would be "I am not God, hence I forgive myself and others as I am forgiven."

Matthew actually says this ""Do not judge others, and you will not be judged." WE as humans cannot judge what is evil and what is good, but merely stumble on as best we can.

Proverbs states: "Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar." This I take to mean, we're just not qualified to make statements about good and evil, since in a sense we are no better or worse than the worst sinners.

Now, as a finishing touch, I might add that none of what I have written above is true. :)

Or rather, it is a very limited view. We can debate throughout eternity as to the nature of God and be no closer to an answer than when we first began. This actually reinforces what I said, that we're all in the dark, and so, again, cannot judge good and evil.

Again, I apologize for the length, I just type really fast and have a big mouth :)


You make me smile :)


Really? Why?:)


Because I see the innocent child in you :)


I think that in the face of such theological questions, anyone who says they aren't as children are misguided. The wisest man is one who says the simple sentence "I don't know." There are too many people in the world who seem to think they have inside information to the secrets of Creation.


I can see the logic of what you are saying.... although if a self hating God decided to create a planet and put a species that hated itself in charge of it, then it's not going to be too long before mankind self-annihilates leaving a trail of destruction in it's wake. Some would say that is exactly what is happening in the world right now. I find it a pretty depressing thought.

I think the trouble with your mantra, from my perspective, is that it relies pretty heavily on a belief that what is written in the bible is factual, and that an intelligence, "God", actually exists and that he said those exact words; that he created mankind in his own image. Assuming that he does exist and that he did say those words, then you'd also have to believe he was telling the truth. This is why I was a rubbish Catholic; no faith.

So it doesn't really work for me. But, so what? If this works for you and you find it healing and beneficial then that's great.