This is sooo scary but i'm going to show you all anyway....

Here is my first take on the HP. I will probely end up doing here over.

Oke what do you think?
I don't mind if you don't like here but please be a little carefull i'm a bit sensetive about this one:(

O and thank you tarotlady for helping me :*


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As the official High Priestess, I hereby give yours the seal of approval, she is so dang cute :)



Hey Maan! That is cool! I really like it :D The card is simple but has everything the :THP needs. I really like the universe in her hair and the style of drawing! Well done (and keep showing them to us!!! :))


maan, i really really like your HP. you've definitely done an excellent job w/ her. i like the fact she is in black and white-it makes her stand out. sometimes less is more!

Faerie Lin

I like her and I love her hair also! :)


Major Tom

Very impressive. :D

Don't stop there! Only 77 more to go! })

Do be sure to share your work with us. :)


Thank you all for the kind words. Now i'm definatly going to continue :)

This saterday i'm going to France for a week to follow a painting and drawing workshop so maybe my drawing will improve when i return :)

Thanks again :*

Love and Light


i really like it. especially your symbolisms (and your use of celestial bodies) keep it up! :)


Oh wow! That's really beautiful! I hope you do the whole deck.


Wonderful HP

I'm also hoping you continue forth with your deck - your HP is adorable! I love her hair too.

(And let us know how France was - I'm so envious)

:TAW Starfish