My intuitive experiences please share yours

Aunty Anthea

A typical day:

Not expecting to do very much exciting or out of the ordinary

Picked up my cards and I knew instantly that I had no time to relax. All of a sudden I had boundless energy. I knew that I had to sort out all the books and bric-a-brac that needed to go to a charity shop. So I spent hours sorting everything out.

I had no doubt that someone would take them for me. And sure enough someone I had only met once, contacted me and told me she was on the way round to see me. By the time I had finished sorting everything out there she was on my doorstep. And after a cup of coffee she was kind enough to take countless bags of unwanted items to the charity shop for me :love:

Luckily she was driving her husband's estate car so had room for everything. Or was it just luck ;)

I had toyed with the idea of going out for a meal with some friends that, our usual Saturday night treat. But I knew without contacting these friends that they had not been able to go to the pub, so I remained indoors in the warm.

I am a seer, I often just know things even when I am not trying :)

When I am particularly close to someone I always know when and where we are meeting ;)

PLEASE share your experiences :D


Very cool!

Here's one of mine: One afternoon last week I was getting ready to go out to an appointment. I had showered and was toweling my hair dry with my back to the mirror. As I turned to hang up the towel, I caught a glimpse of the mirror, and for a second or two, it wasn't my reflection I saw, it was the face of a long distance friend of mine. We catch up via email maybe once every two months or so.

As soon as I had my robe on, I went to my laptop and opened up my email to send a note to my friend about seeing his face in the mirror. I was amused but not totally surprised to see that he had just sent me an email at the same time I had seen his face in the mirror, asking me to do a reading on an urgent situation that had just come up.

I don't do much mirror scrying, in fact mirrors kind of scare me, but that was kind of fun.


both are pretty cool experiences.

One of my favorites was with my hairdresser, who later became more of a friend. It was her birthday and I also had a hair appointment the same day, so I was determined to bring her a gift as well for her day. So, she was on my mind the whole day before I was even on my way for my afternoon appointment.

I woke up that morning, and after breakfast, jumped into the shower. All of a sudden, this spirit man appears - just walked through the wall and stood in the tub with me--only HE was fully dressed--I was of course, nude. :bugeyed: He handed me a bouquet of flowers and said to me, "Give these to Alice and tell her I said "Happy Birthday". Then, he disappeared!

So, when I got to the appt. I told Alice what I experienced and I described the man who stepped into the shower with me. Turns out she knew exactly who it was--it was a guy she dated for many years in HS, but then after HS, they both went their separate ways--though always remained in touch. Both married other people and she and his wife became very close friends too. One day, this man, who was a firefighter, died while fighting a terrible house fire, and he was still quite young. (I can't recall the age--but I believe 30s).

She told me he never forgot her birthday, so it made perfect sense that he'd come through for her.

Yeah, but why come into MY shower??? ;)

however, I do know why really. Running water is a great energy source for spirits and they can easily come through with running water. I often get spirits in the shower with me. :laugh:

Another time, I was taking a shower when two women showed up in my shower--again, ME -nude, THEM-fully dressed! :rolleyes: the one woman, I knew--she was a neighbor/friend of mine in Vermont and I loved her dearly. The other lady I didn't know upon sighting her--but Margaret (the lady I did know) became friends with this woman on the other side, thanks to me.

The other lady's daughter and I were also friends--she also was my hairdresser there in VT. I have read her cards and done psychic & psychic mediums readings for her. The woman who came wiht Margaret told me to tell "Amy hello & I'm with her all the time!" and hten Margaret told me, "tell April hello too and Happy Birthday". April was Margarets daughter--and she and I also knew each other fairly well.

So, when I got out of the shower...again...I called Amy to tell her and she had a good laugh because April had a hair appointment that afternoon and it was HER birthday!!! She was getting her hair done that day as her hubby was taking her out to dinner for her birthday. :D

Now, these are only two of the spirits who came into the shower with me while I was getting cleaned up. I've had many 'shower' visits, but these two are very close to my heart, because they were for people very near and dear to me.

I have tons of other experiences similar to this too--but I just love these two stories of "Happy Birthday Wishes" from the beyond! :D


My premonition/precognition is not as clear as yours Aunty Althea :)
(my mother's a seer. But she stopped using it in her 20s after she "saw" her boss die).

I don't see stuff in mirrors... :) :) (just me).

And - well spirits in the shower!! Fancy? (so if they're dead - why are you embarrassed that you're sky clad?) :) :) :)

I have more general sorts of "feelings" or happenings...

- If the 'phone rings or there's a knock on the door - I'll sometimes have a "definite feeling descend" - that I know who it is. And - it is. (it doesn't happen all-the-time).
- If I'm unwell and thinking I'm unlikely to get through my work week ahed - several clients will usually call to reschedule.
- I may dream about something - and several days or weeks later have deja vu.
- And often if I'm looking for something (appropriately now - say a present for someone), I'll just let it simmer on the back-burner of my mind - and find that on my way out to do something completely different - the perfect thing just presents itself. :heart:
I love it when things just sort of "flow" like this.

It used to be that when I did people's feet (reflexology) - I'd get flashes of information about them, or messages for them.
I don't do feet anymore - so I don't get that anymore now.

And most interestingly once - for a year after my brother suffered concussion - he would walk along and see
"sections of peoples auras" - and with that have a piece of information about them or their health come to him.
This subsided when the post-trauma effects finally cleared.

Thanks for sharing!