My killing dreams


I have had dreams that people are trying to kill me since I was 10 years old..I am 21 now..Always in a different way..examples..I am 1 inch tall they are trying to stop me, guns, knives, sucking of the brain..etc..What I find most odd is that when my dreams are that someone is killing me, I am much calmer and happier..That in itself freaks me out a bit...any suggestions on what this means?


I have had those death dreams for years.
When I do not have the death/pursuit dreams, my rest is not peaceful…
Go figure.


isthmus where are you???????

she'll know!


Redwood are you affaid of death or could it be something that you saw when you was a kid that sparked off those dreams.

I used to have them but I aways had wings to fly away!!


isthmus nekoi

at the library researching!! Anyways, I gotta stress again - anyone's interpretation of a dream is valid, and I still have TONS to learn about dreams etc so pls don't take my interpretations like they're um.. facts. If it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't ^_^

Attacking ppl chasing you is *verrrrrrrrry* common and in general, this would represent the Shadow archetype - Shadow being every part of yourself that is not accepted into consciousness. Shadow isn't necessarily a *bad* thing per se - ie. if you are a person who is used to being very 'tough' then Shadow can be a more unlived sensitive element w/i the psyche. As for the feelings, I'm not so sure. The calmness derived from these sorts of dreams may be a sort of cathartic thing - contact w/the Shadow, working w/the Shadow etc. which goes towards restabilizing the psyche.