My new stones


I just got some new stones....Moonstone,quartz,smoky quartz,amethyst,florite,lepholite...In the store I went to they have this bowl and the sign says "let your stone choose you" I thought what the heck...I ended up choosing the crazy lace agate...I have only used the lepholite...I need a book for teh rest they did give a pamphlet on what each stone means...The store i go to has about 75 different stones and gems...I am just excited so i thought i would share with you all..


Know whatcha mean. About a month ago, I went to a store and picked out about 22 different stones. They didn't have a pamplet on the different ones so I just wrote quick notes on each, but I just ordered a book a stones so is how good it is when I get it. Now just to seem them all straight..hehe ;)


Nice one

I love it!
I now have self control when I go into those shops. I used to get sooooooo carried away but felt good after but boy do they weight a ton.
Todays the first day this year that I took come of my crystals.
I had a big rose quartz on my heart chakra this afternoon as it needs healing bigtime. My ones needs a good clean I normally do this on the new moon and ask for them to be cleansed and energised.



Yeah Redwood!!! I'm so happy for you. I love my stones. The book I use is called "Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic" by Scott Cunningham. I have learned a lot from this book. IMHO I think it is a good book to start with. There is a more indepth book but I can't think of the name of it. The author is Melody.

I carry my stones in small bags that I sew. I usually keep the bag of stones in my pocket. My niece carries her stones in a bag around her neck. I have about 3 dozen stones and can't possibly carry them all at once!!! So I keep them in a wooden bowl that my father-in-law carved for me. To choose which stones I will carry each day I close my eyes and pass my receptive hand over the bowl. When I open my eyes I pick up the stones that I'm drawn to. (Like letting the stones choose me.)

I cleanse my stones often. I have a number of ways. One is to put them on this old tree stump in my back yard during a full moon. Another is to put them on the tree stump during really good storms. Pouring down rain, thunder, lightening... Really good storms. I have also buried them in the back yard for a number of days. To do this I place them in a simple bag made from 100% cotton material, and bury them about six inches down in the dirt. I don't dig them up until I feel deep inside myself that it is time.

You also might want to try to get to know your stones. Find some quiet, alone time. If you want you can light some candles and incense. I will usually sit on the floor to do this. Place the stones before you. Relax and meditate. Pick up each stone one at a time. Hold it in your receptive hand. (If you are right handed your right hand is your projective hand, your left is your receptive hand. Visa versa if you are left handed.) Hold the stone and just see how it makes you feel inside. Is it cold? Warm? Does it warm up quickly when you hold it? How do you feel deep inside of yourself when you hold each stone? Welcome the stone into your life.

I'm very sensitive to how the stones make me feel. It's very hard to discribe and different with each stone. In the simplest terms I can think of... Some stones will make me feel warm and comfortable inside. Other stones will make me feel very uncomfortable inside. It's an energy I feel in my chest.

I hope I didn't just overload you with too much info. I'm just excited for you.



i went to the rock and gem show this weekend and bought myself soo many gifts :)

my two big purchases were:

a fossilized marble ball for readings. i already scryed with it and i was sooooo pleased with the results.

and huge piece of, purple and clear. it has little golden tv screens in it when i scry with it................magical!

i got such good deals on them too. which of course, pleases me so much.

in light,


Definately NOT Overloaded

I am not overloaded with info..I enjoy getting it all because I know NOTHING...I did just place an order (linked to this site of course) getting the Cunningham book..I cant wait to get it.....Thank You Very much for the info..I think I need to start printing some of it out..LOL


i too love rock shops, and wanted to share something with you. my family got free tickets to a cave, where they gave us "mine rough". there were some nice size gems in it, but the cool thing is that when my kids where done picking out the big pieces they left all the little bits. what a treasure trove for spells. tiny tiny amethyst crystals, rose quartz etc. the perfect size for spells (the ones you don't reuse stuff from) and putting in rattles (i'm into shamanism too). i carry some with me for when ever i need one, and there is no heart break in sacrificing a great, costly, stone.