My own unicorn tarot


Hi everyone,

I have started a tarot deck. A unicorn deck. I know there is already one published, but I wanted to have a go at making one as well. I only have three cards done. Don't know if it'll ever be finished, but at least it is a highly meditative experience :)

Here are three cards:

The photos are terrible, colours look dull and dark, they are brighter, but you get the idea *grins*

What do you think?
I don't mind criticism, as long as there is a sprinkle of kindness in there somewhere. I'm not a professional artist :|
Should I bother pursuing this idea?


hmmm..the 2 links..they would load..say tripod in the pics tho :(

Insomnia Turtle

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

I know this might sound a tad picky, but do you think that you could sharpen the pictures a bit? It might just be my monitor or the fact that I have lousy vision, but the images come out rather fuzzy and difficult to see. If you don't have the means to sharpen them up, that's ok as well. I enjoyed looking at them anyway :).


Until I can get my scanner hooked up, it was the best I could do. I could run it through Paint Shop and see if I can get something better. I used my digital camera ... it is a piece of sh** *lol*

Thank you for the nice opinion :)


Very lovely so far...! I'm looking forward to more in future :)


The images are great - esp. the priestess. You might consider doing the colour with something like a good poster paint to give brighter, more even colour?


Thanks everyone for your kind words :)
I doubt it'll go farther than those cards I showed you though. I felt like venting some creative steam. Doing horses is a difficult subject for tarot! I would love to see another unicorn deck on the market though and I think the ones who did the sacred circle and fairy ring could make a beautiful unicorn deck!

The Enchanter

I like them. They're very well drawn. Good luck on the new deck.