My playing Card Meanings

Phoenix Rising

Hi Everyone, a couple of people showed a interest in wanting to know my playing card meanings that I assigned, after searching the web and books on the subject, but they didn't seem to fit with what I was looking for so I simplified them to a more modern day approach.
Although I'm still fairly new to it, but have always been interested in playing cards as it was my first reading that I had, and was totally accurate, also one of my best friends is a cartomancer of 25 years, and her readings have always been accurate too. Playing cards are more predictive as far as mundane matters are concerned, just the everyday things that people want to know about.

So feel free to use my meanings, I would like to know how you get on.


Men over 35
Heart- Close emotional connection, sensitive, fatherly,
Club - Practical, hardworking man, male friend
Diamond - Career orientated, Employer, Doctor
Spade - Authoritive person(judge) father figure

Woman over 25
Heart- Sensitive woman, caring, motherly
Club - Close female friend, practical, chatty and sociable
Diamond - Career orientated, straight with words
Spade - Older experienced woman, mother figure

young child to 25 years
Heart- Sensitive, artistic, musical child,
Club - young male, tradesperson, sociable and chatty
Diamond - young female, Govt official, messenger
Spade - A serious, deep child, trouble maker
Jacks of the same suit of the significator can also represent their thoughts. Also jacks with a 7 of the same suit represents a certain talent, see sevens.
Heart - Home environment, new love, news about loved
ones(birth, wedding, engagement)
Club - Official news, documents, communications(phone,
email etc) Success
Diamond - News about money, Gift, purchases(property,
Spade - Official Buildings(Govt, School, court, hospital,
workplace etc)Major changes/decisions

Heart - Romantic or close relationship, balance
Club - Juggling two things, two options, second opinion
Diamond - Good conversations, small amount of money
Spade - Indecision, not seeing things clearly, separation

Heart - Celebration,friends, small group, pregnancy(with Ace Heart & Ace Wand)
Club - Opportunity or offer
Diamond - Work, skill or craft recognised
Spade - lies, cheating,(self-cheating)self-deception an affair, 3 way triangle

Heart - Boredom, unsatisfied, mistrust, secrets(baby Girl)
Club - Vehicle(all transportation) Stability
Diamond - Property,assets(furniture,computor etc) Secure financial position
Spade - Health issue, time to heal, vacation

Heart - Intense emotion(Sorrow, jeolousy, lust,excited)
Club - Competitiveness, opposition, physical activity
Diam - Short trip, moving house or job
Spade - Loss, arguments

Heart - Connection to past, (Sister/inlaw)
Club - Support, assistance, recognition
Diam - liesure or pleasure activity, Gift
Spade - Transition to smoother waters, (brother/inlaw)

Heart - Listening(Intuition), choices, music(musical talent with Jack of Hearts)
Club - Learning, study, practical application to task, preparation, determination, sport (Sporting talent with Jack of Clubs)
Diam - Gamble, perseverance, (Creative talent with Jack
of Diamonds)
Spade - Cunning, dishonesty, thief, cluttered thoughts, negative thinking, unneccessary worry
(Academic talent with Jack of Spade)


Phoenix Rising

Cont'd Card Meanings

Heart- Karmic connection, visitors, invitations
Club - New direction, swiftness, internet
Diam - New Profession, Unexpected Money
Spade - Temporary frustrations, delays, caution

Heart - Heart desire, over indulgence
Club - Expansion, New ideas and knowledge
Diam - Successful completion, Expansion of horizons(advertising, expression of ones craft/skill to outside world)
Spade - Self-abuse, guilty, stress

Heart - Family permanence, joy, (family gatherings) (Sea
Club - Overseas travel, Added responsibilities
Diam - Business, large sums of money, winfall (Country)
Spade - finality, night, hospital(with Ace & 4spade)
Prison(with Ace & 8spade)

I use 2 Jokers
RED- (Out of the ordinary, important or unexpected event)
BLACK - Unusual eccentric character, freelancer

As there are 13 weeks in each season
Spring - clubs (ace thru to King)1st week thru 13th week
Summer - Hearts (ace thru to King) same
Autumn - Diam (ace thru to King) same
Winter - Spade (ace thru to king) same

Eg: 4 clubs will be 4th week of spring
10 Diamonds will be 10th week in Autumn

Phoenix Rising


Now because I have atleast 2 meanings for each card, it depends what is surrounding it, or the domineering suit that will determine which one you use.
It is interesting to note also which way the court cards are facing. Eg: if the King of Diamonds is looking at 2 spades
then this king is undecided in career matters. If King of Hearts, then this king is undecided in emotional matters.

If 5 spade is in between two court cards say 2 queens and they are facing each other then these 2 queens will have a argument.
But just like tarot and other divinatory processes, time and experience is the best teacher.
I have found that it is just best to stick to one set of meanings, otherwise we can confuse ourselves if we look up too many other interpretations. My friend who is a cartomancer was taught by her grandmother and has used the same method and looked no where else for meanings etc, and she knows who cards so well, that when they are laid out in front of her, she knows instantly what they are telling her.
I don't mind writing my meanings out, because that way it becomes programmed in my mind the more repetition I do. I will also programme in my mind the combinations of what certain cards mean together as well.
Later on I want to assign meanings for the body, health ailments etc. I believe that everything can be seen in the cards, because of how they represent nature and the universe, but more so because i will programme them that way.

Look forward to your comments.


Playing card meanings

Thanks for posting your playing card meanings.


Phoenix Rising

Major Arcana

I've been thinking about how I can incorporate the majors into the cards too, this is what I came up with.

Having a combination of the same number value

2 Aces - Magician
3 Aces - Sun
2 twos - High Priestess
3 twos - Justice
4 twos - Judgment
2 threes - Empress
3 threes - Hanged Man
4 threes - World
2 fours - Emperor
3 fours - Death
2 fives - Heirophant
3 fives - Temperance
2 sixes - lovers
3 sixes - Devil
2 sevens - Chariot
3 sevens - Tower
2 Eights - Strength
3 Eights - Star
2 Nines - Hermit
3 Nines - Moon
2 Tens - Wheel of fortune

Although they may not be the only meaning of these combinations. Interesting that the "Devil" is 3 6's 666. Not that I see the devil as negative, Angel fallen into a material world. Just like anything it will be up to you to determine when those combinations fit.


Wow, I'm impressed. You've got an amazing system here. Thanks for sharing it!


Hi Phoenix Rising,

Thanks for sharing all of this...!! I'm amazed at all of the correspondences here. This deserves some thought and study! I hope to have time for that soon!



After reading this I'll start seeing readings in card hands ...on poker night! I don't play much myself, mostly watch, but it would be fun to see what the guys deal themselves and don't even know it.


Wow, that's very interesting, Phoenix Rising, thank you!