My question on Faerie's Oracle


Hi guys :)

I caved and bought the deck today with a border's gift certificate from Christmas. It's so pretty. I love Froud's artwork so no matter how it turns out it's a win for me.

I've been reading the descriptions.. going through the cards. Getting good feelings here and there.

One thing about them though. It seems every card means: change (either drastic or subtle) and searching within. (ie.. not an oracle exactly but more a deck for inner exploration and making changes)

Does it seem this way to you? The meanings for these cards seem so absolutely subtle that they're almost all the same.

And a sidenote. I've enjoyed reading up on the study groups area all the wonderful posts. One thing most people who adore this deck share is their absolutely amazing imaginations. They seem to have brought to life every character in the deck. Down to minute details on their personalities. It's pretty incredible. Almost exhausting though. lol I can't imagine (har har) having the time to devote.


I hadn't noticed that they were mostly the same as far as change and looking within ... but I also haven't studied the book too systematicly either.

But then again, life is about how we deal with change as that's one thing that is a given; change. And how to cope - and how to deal with disappointments - and how to turn things around.

As for looking within - that's one philosophy on how to live one's life. Look within for strength and fortitude. The other, or another, is to look outward and see what we can take or aquire. How to win friends and influence people!! One of the reasons the so-called reality shows are such a hit these days.

So you think we all share a vivid amagination?!! I couldn't agree more!! Imagination - playfulness - intuition - and acting on it.

Subtle - not sure about that. But not blatant in-your-face spelled out in neon letters either. A subtle nudge perhaps. Some basic personality, then what he/she/they nudge in us to think on. 'Cause after all, we already know the answers; we just need some guidance sometimes to bring them to the foreground and into our conscious awareness. See down the road to possible outcomes - consequences. And to think about how we would feel about them.

Glad you are happy with the Fae folk! May you have a most interesting time together!! :)

Ann S:OL


Just my 2penneth guys....

In my opinion you come to the faeries when you are "ready" for them... I have had my deck from the outset of my tarot (ok only 5 mths or so) but I never really connected with them until very recently...

Currently I am going through a period of major change - both mental and physical, and I believe that I have been able to access and connect with the deck because of this.

I am listening to my intuition....
I am treating my body well... well whenever and as much as possible (drat work!)
I am getting out into nature and appreciating what is out there :)
I am becoming comfortable in my own skin....

Yes, I am seeking answers... I believe we all are.....
I am looking for my inner child - I believe she can help me to see the good in the small things :)

How does this relate to the faeries?
Well they are nature! and nature loving....
They are playful like children... and like children don't always make sense....
Who is perfect? I would guess we all are conscious that we aren't and that there is something we want to change, if this is sub-conscious or conscious thought I guess would depend on the individual.... the faeries can help us tap into this...

jeseryn..... the book is your limitation... take a card... your favourite to begin with and mediate on it... call up a mental picture of the card and say what you see... it will change your perspective on them entirely... the faeries are there... you need to allow the deck and cards time to connect with you, then you will be able to see beyond the book....

foxyangel :)


There are some very similar messages in many of the cards, but each one seems to specifically hone in on something, well...specific to that message. Also, the very broad book interpretations allow for the faeries to speak more specifically to you. This deck is primarily meant as an interpretive deck. The message you get from the faery in question is always the exact message intended, no matter what the book may say.



I am so new to the Faeries oracle - and indeed to this kind of oracle (though not to faeries...long ago...), I am experimenting several ways of dealing with it. At the moment I am convalescing in the mountains, I go walking in the forests every day, short walks, but I focus on my faery for that day and try and see it in the forest. I free associate in my notebook (poems, landscapes, people I know, etc.), I hum (no dancing for me at the moment :( ). They are teaching me to get reacquainted with nature. I know this area since forever, but I forgot, I drifted off. Or it's simply another way of looking, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching.

Unlike tarot, I do no studying at all - I play and let my imagination rip. I ask for whatever I need to learn, too.

All this will change and evolve, no doubt - as will I.

Laura Borealis

jeseryn said:
One thing about them though. It seems every card means: change (either drastic or subtle) and searching within. (ie.. not an oracle exactly but more a deck for inner exploration and making changes)

Does it seem this way to you? The meanings for these cards seem so absolutely subtle that they're almost all the same.

That's a problem I have with the book. I'm also not fond of the writer's style. I pretty much ignore the book (and even the categories -- the Help Line Troupe, etc) and go with my intuition. :)


jeseryn said:
One thing about them though. It seems every card means: change (either drastic or subtle) and searching within. (ie.. not an oracle exactly but more a deck for inner exploration and making changes)

Does it seem this way to you? The meanings for these cards seem so absolutely subtle that they're almost all the same.
To me they do say change and look within, but not all in the same way. Each one gets me to face a different kind of denial, not facing myself, or not facing reality. Each is unique, and they all get me to look at myself more honestly. It's amazing how they pop up at the right time for that particular brand of self-examination I currently need most. They don't let me get away with anything. :)

They are all the same in that they all help us to look at the self in new or neglected ways. They're less about the rest of the world and more about self, and how we interact with the world.


majah kahlana

Newbie Here

Hello all,
I just got my Faeries 2 days ago and havent had much chance to look through them. I also got a couple of other Oracle decks at the same time and have been trying to pick which one i should start learning first. So since I have now seen this Oracle Study Group, I guess I will be working on the Faeries (lol). I love the artwork (the Singers are my faves) and look forward to learning more about all of them... I just finished the first bit in the book and am now on to the Faeries themselves. I cant wait to learn more about the Faeries.


not to me...

I don't look at the book's definition of the cards. When I teach people how to read cards, I teach them how to tune into their psychic abilities. I explain to them that reading cards is like, looking at a picture, feeling something from that picture, and turn it into a meaningful message. As you get better and better with this, the messages will be more and more clear.

I have looked at the meanings, and compared it to what I felt it means, and, I don't feel they mean what the book says it means. This is what I believe blocks a lot of people. They think that the book "knows" what it's talking about, and they judge themself to be "wrong" if their feelings don't match what the book says. It's wrong to consider such a thing. What if you're right and the book is wrong? When I want a reading from a person, I don't want to know what a book says, I want to know what they feel is going to happen, or what is happening. This alternative outlooks is what truly helps the querent in seeing their situation in another, unjudgemental light. Anyone who can read can memorize meanings of cards, and then there would be no diversity between readers. I don't like that at all. I like that we all have our own internal definitions, for example...if a snake to you is a bad thing, or a scary thing, then seeing an image of a snake in the card is trying to tell YOU that something bad is about to happen. If a snake means wisdom, then that symbolism is trying to tell you to say "a person who you consider is wise is by your side assisting you". But if you read a book and the book just says "a sly person is at work", what does that mean? is this good or bad? What do you mean by a "sly" person? Books often leave out so much, and only give generalities, the only way you're going to get detailed information to come forth is if you go by what you feel, not by memorizing definitions.

I'm sorry to ramble so long, and I do hope this helps. I used to teach people how to read, so it's something I feel very passionate about. Take care.


majah kahlana


Well, I got to go on a 2 hour (one way) drive yesterday and so got to play with my deck for a while. I started out following the books' suggestions on how to find my power cards and sorting the cards into groups... I'm not sure if the author meant i should sort them into only 2 groups or as many groups as i wanted, but i ended up wth 5 groups lol... Also starting with my power cards i just went with my gut feelings about the meanings of the cards and was pretty surprised to find how close my intuitions about the cards were so i will continue on with that method although i have "read" the books blurbs about a couple of the cards in answer to the question "What faery would I be"... my girls asked me to find their faeries so we did read what the book said about those cards. Anywho I am having fun with them for sure =)