My RWS cards are quite accurate...


I actually shared this outside my private group and on my facebook wall for all to see, it was just so funny to me.

You have to know that today was my last day of work for two weeks. I am now on vacation. I needed that one alright!

So... I asked my tarot cards like I do every day: what is my card for tomorrow?

And well.. yeah.. I don't think you have to be very adept to read this one huh.. I got four of wands :laugh:

edit: mind.. I hope I am not posting in the wrong forum here about this one, if so: sorry about that!


Isn't it awesome when things like this happen? I really love that about the cards.

Enjoy your vacation! :) From the looks of the 4 of Wands it will be a very happy experience for you.


At least this day should be a good one, and I intend for it to be! And that right after the fool moon, can't complain :)

(I did post this in the right spot then? Whew :) )


I would say that was an extremely accurate reading! :laugh:


I spent the day working on a new system install and got a bit annoyed at various things that took longer than expected, however, in the end everything worked out. Didn't do what I intended to do today though (lay on a blanky in the sun ;) ) but I will do that tomorrow.

So.. I started to shuffle thoroughly, asking for my card for tomorrow..

and the message of this repeat was loud and clear:

"Remember to ENJOY your holiday"

Yep.. same card came up: four of wands :laugh:


The cards that turn up for some of your questions can be so apt, so spot on and straightforward that they end up putting a smile in your face. And yup, I have to admit that the way certain cards can come up again and again can be quite freaky. I can tell you're getting better so keep it up, Eadwine. :)


Thanks EmpyreanKnight. :)