My set *finally* arrived!! (and a question about membership)


I posted an intro below and my set finally arrived! I am hoping to get started on the exercises today.

I glanced through the cards and I finally got to see the Maiden card...yes, it is a child with Down syndrome. (as the mom to two with DS, I am sure of it *lol*) I remember the discussion about that card a while back. I love that card as it looks just like my daughter!

Just to be clear here....if I want to continue with this study group, I need to buy a membership??

I just did this for another site that I post on and don't think I can afford to do it again here. But wanted to make sure that I read the announcement correctly.

Can I still read the messages if I do not buy a membership? A shame that $$ does not grow on trees but I have six children to support on one income.....


Anyway, I am thrilled that my deck arrived! Yeah!!! I hope I can at least still read this forum.

Hugs and Bright Blessings to all!!!



i suggest that you pm solandia directly about i'm not exactly sure.

love and light,
jade :D