my thoth deck is moody.


Hi all. For a while there, I was working pretty intensely with my Thoth deck. I was really liking it, too. The cards just clicked with me, I suppose.

And then suddenly...they just stopped clicking. Where before I could look at the cards and see a story forming, see how they come together, now it's just like...eek! nothing makes sense.

So, what should I do? Put them away for a while? Or just keep at it and see if it changes?



Moody - like it's lying to you? Or moody like it's being obstinate?

I usually take my deck and rap the long edge against the table two or three times and say "KNOCK IT OFF! I NEED A TRUTHFUL ANSWER - NOW!" {I really do}. Also - if you are doing multiple readings this method works well to clear the deck quickly between readings.


I've been using the thoth deck for a little over a week, so I'm still getting to know it.

Sometimes the cards totally make sense, other times I can't make anything from them. It's probably just me though, 'cos I haven't been using them long. It's still annoying though.

How long have you been using them?



I have been using the same thoth deck now for more than 15 years, in the beginning there were "moods", but they were (and still are sometimes) mine, not of the deck.
It is like the saying "you will find if you dont search", a question of clearing the mind from all expectations, let the deck talk without asking it questions. In magical terms that is the void of thoughts where all actions come from.
But maybe you are tired of your deck. The deck itself is a bunch of 78 paper pieces, not more, I dont believe it has moods.
It is us that love our cards, they dont do anything to us.



Hi moon,

Perhaps you could try just shuffling the deck for a few days without doing any readings with it, then try laying the cards, but not in a reading, just to see if they start clicking with you again, it happens to us all sometime or other - then suddenly the cards will start making sense again :)