my Whimsical and Fey reading ~


A couple of nights ago I was sitting by myself and had the Whimsical and Fey decks on my chair-side table, so I mulled over a question and drew one W card to tell the story. I'm still new to this deck, but am enjoying it. Anyway, the card was ... forget now, but had a happy couple, a golden bird in a cage, a golden horse, and golden apples on the tree. Away in the distance was a castle. It mirrored my question exactly!! So, after I thought about the story, I then shuffled the Fey, and when a card popped out, so to speak, meaning not wanting to go back into the pack to be shuffled some more, I pulled it and it was 2 cards exactly together - not one out from the deck more than the other.

They were the 2 of Pentacles and 7 of Wands. Anyway, I was amazed at this, for it further developed my "story line" from the Whimsical card.

SO ... I'm suggesting this as a "multi deck reading" using a story deck -- Whimsical, Inner Child, others -- and then the Fey to follow up -- one to reinforce the story, and then one more (2nd card) as a "final outcome of said scenario."

It worked for me!!