Mystical Conventions/exhibitions?


Hi there!
Well, I just thought it's best to post this here...

I'm trying to find out -how to find out- about any mystical conventions /exhibitions, all over the world....

I'm looking for the kind of event that buyers for New Age stores come to order/buy products. It does not have to be Tarot specific (are there any tarot specific?)
It is also not like a fair, but more like a trade show.
I looked up if there is anything in NY, in the Javitz center (, but there was nothing related.

Also, if there is no such show, where do you think/know the tarot companies show their stuff? Is there any "one source" to find out about all sorts of that kind of events?

I had NO idea what I was getting into!!!!! ;)


Try Science Fiction conventions, in addition. And Ren Faires. Lots and lots of Tarot readers there. I think I would start by googling for both of them - I know there are SF sites that try to list all the conventions, and I'm certain that there are Pagan and NewAge sites that do the same for those events.

The ATA puts on conventions, the Canadian Tarot Network has one coming up shortly in Ontario? I think, unless it's currently running.

One thing to avoid, unless you've got some assurance that real people are in charge, is most "New Age" weekends of the come one, come all, pay for a table and wait to see what response we get type. Lots of ripoffs in those.

The Pennsic War is coming up in about 3 weeks - check with Hudson Gray to see if she has some contacts with merchants there - or even if she's merchanting there this year and might be willing to carry your deck. Mine are going there roundabout with the Khan of the Great Dark Horde, and not exactly hitting standard merchant channels, but they'll be there.

Immediately after that, over Labor Day weekend, is the World Science Fiction Convention (once a year, EVERYBODY tries to get together). I'm far enough out of it that I'm not even sure which city it's in right now, but there may be a few dedicated fans on Aeclectic, or you may be able to google it. Merchant space sells out six months in advance, but somebody may know somebody...


I think if you check out Robert Place's site

You'll find he lectures at the Tarot School--in New York, I believe? Robert Place who authored and illustrated the Alchemical Tarot and Buddha Tarot

Diane Wilkes from Tarot Passages seems to also have a section on conventions, classes...she teaches out of a new age store in Philadelphia sometimes.

So start with the New Age or mystical bookstores in your area that have a tarot selection and see if they participate in conferences in your area...or offer readers/teachers space or will carry your product...

Hope this helps you start.


Cerulean Mari


Oh, thank you !!!!
There is a LOT of info here! I can see how I'll spend my weekend now! I just feel that I have to do something about it, to give it a chance...
I'm not a big "online person"...

thank you!
I'll keep you posted if I discover any great opportunity!


I know there's probably a national convention for new age suppliers & such, but couldn't find it. The big doll shows are in NY and Chicago, most go for the really big cities. However, I do have a few places you can check.

Aphrodite's Dove, contact Kirsten--

Azure Green is another, and a real biggie too, but they don't deal much with the 'little guys', you have to contact them & show you're serious if they place a large order for merchandise--

Science Fiction conventions by state (not every one is listed, of course, many are very small). The World Convention is the largest & draws the most people but the table costs are around $300 I think, plus the $100 admission fee. Usually a sf con has a table cost of $80 which includes one membership, but I've been to some that were down around $40.

The Renaissance Festivals by state (large & small) are here: (I've got all this bookmarked or they're easily found when you've done searches on them before!) Some are real biggies, like the MN, TX, OH & TN fairs, that run for up to 8 weekends sequentially. Others are only three to 6 day events. California has a ton of small ones. Bristol Ren Fair in WI has a tarot tent called Tarot Tree, The TT email address is but she (Susan Sigl) buys her stuff in June. The event ends at around end of August.

Pennsic's not all that great for tarot, but it is an SCA event, so you may want to look into the smaller local ones if you want to start locally. SCA events are here: Check the kingdom area you're actually in to see the major local events. I've heard really good things about Estrella War in Feb. & the Gulf War down in Louisianna in March, both are growing by leaps & bounds. Small events locally are called moots & feature only 10-25 merchants. The biggies like Pennsic & Estrella have 200 merchants.

There's also two BIG gaming conventions in the US where small businesses can get a selling table in the hopes to pick up big sales from larger companies or stores. Tables are $1,200 because the event is considered a 'trade show'. Your best bet for price vs space is to go in with 2 other artists & split the cost & specify you want a corner booth, which gets you TWO tables. Back in the late 1990's I was selling at 3 or 4 of the Gencons mostly because it was local for me & the other two ladies helped keep the costs down. Then the event moved, so Gencon is now in August in Indianapolis. The other gaming convention is called Origins and is in Missouri. We're talking D&D gamers mostly, but many small companies got their start with a table there in the 1980's & 90's. Last time I went, about 4 years back, there were several people selling costumes, some small companies touting their board games, some new software gaming companies letting people try out the beta versions, several comic book artists who self publish, and about 175 other dealers there. Tarot is sold at those events though most of the clientelle are likely just going to play the games & shopping is incidental. However, you CAN network with the other dealers & pick up agenting possibilities!



This is brilliant, I knew you would have a lot of useful information. I think this will be of help to many people.

All I can add is LATS and BATS. I've never been to either so I don't know how much people sell decks - I imagine both are good venues.

Barbara Rapp organises LATS (Los Angeles Tarot Symposium - BATS is Bay Area...).

I guess other deck creators here have been and may know more about how you go about selling there. I know Barbara herself sells decks.



Thanks-I'm speechless.
You girls rock!
I know I should have done some of this work BEFORE, but then, that may have prevented me from doing the deck, I'm afraid, so, maybe better that way....
Now, I have no choice!

i'll let you know any detaisl i find...
thank you!


more findings...

OK, in case anyone else in interested...

From searching, I remembered a couple of things, and found even more:

in NY, the Open Center. They have a very good store, though not huge. They do lectures as well (or should I say, mainly...).

There is another great store in NY, East West Books, near Union Square. My favorite.
I couldn't find their site, but found a bunch of other EastWest ones. Not sure whether thay are related. in NY this is considered a "key" store. has everything. A total MUST!
Phone: +1 212 243 5994
Open Hours: 10am-7:30pm Mon-Sat; 11am-5pm Sun

The others: