Mythic Tarot - Four Cups


Psyche is seated in her new home, Eros’ palace. Her jealous sisters sit on either side of her, putting doubts and discontent into her mind that her husband must be a horrible monster since he only visits her at night. Four cups stand before them.

  • although everything seems happy and rewarding, there is doubt and suspicion
  • Psyche’s sisters are a mirror to the doubts that she has about who and what her husband truly is, forcing her to explore more deeply and demand more honesty in her dealings with her husband
  • a growing realization that something isn’t being dealt with, that the truth must be sought out
  • indicates one’s mean and petty doubts and suspicions about another person, forming the seed of betrayal
  • suggests that growth is needed in order to reach the full potential of one’s relationship with another and with oneself
  • a sense of betrayal and apathy that can prevent one from seeking out new paths
  • the letdown after any major event (marriage, childbirth, etc.) when the day-to-day mundane aspects must be faced and dealt with
  • the struggle between wanting to know the truth and jeopardizing one’s fantasy of perfection can lead to depression and discontent
  • Psyche is faced with the choice of being in a stagnant relationship or finding out the truth about who her husband really is
Random Thoughts
  • the little red devil whispering things in your ear
  • ask yourself what those who compel you to act will get from having you act – why is it important to them? what do they get out of it? do they really have your best interests at heart?
  • since she’s holding the lilies from her wedding and they seem to have faded, the joy that she felt from the marriage ceremony has also faded
  • the faded lilies can also suggest that her innocence is going if not already gone
  • being pushed or goaded into doing something that one knows needs to be done, but probably wouldn’t have done without the goading
  • a realization that something needs to be done or to happen, even if one doesn’t know exactly what that something is

The keyword/phrase I came up with doing my workbook exercise on 26 Oct 91 was "the need to know one's partner".



The four of cups to me represents doubt about a situation in which one has entered without all the facts. There are things that don't seem right and requires the best way to garner additional information.

The sisters represent doubt but not the wisdom to deal with the situation. They are the raw emotions/thoughts that make Psyche act without thinking the entire situation out first. She could have approached Eros with her doubts and asked him to enlighten her but she went about finding out what she wanted to know in a devious way.

Miria Northwind

To me they represent that "little voice" inside that lets you know when something is not quite right. When this card comes up I know it's time to listen to my intuition.