Mythic Tarot - Page Cups


Narcissus kneels at the edge of a deep blue pond gazing intently at his own reflection in a golden cup, struck by its beauty. Irises and narcissi grow around him although they haven’t bloomed yet.

  • son of a river god by a nymph, he was a beautiful boy who turned the heads of members of both sexes
  • his mother was advised that he would live a long time as long as he didn’t know himself; so his mother had never permitted him to see his own reflection
  • he had spurned Echo’s love, causing her to waste away until only her voice was left
  • as punishment for rebuking Echo, Aphrodite caused him to fall in love with his own reflection one day while resting near a pool of water after a hunt
  • he tried to embrace and kiss the image the confronted him, but of course was unable to
  • he pined away for his reflection until he wasted away and was turned into a flower; an alternate version of the myth has him kill himself, his blood soaking the earth and creating the white narcissus with its red corollary
  • the changeable, vulnerable, gentle beginnings of feelings and relationships – the nascent emergence of the capacity to feel
  • vain self-love
  • a messenger who brings the fragile beginnings of self-love
  • self-discovery in that one must recognize and value oneself before one can love another because seeking in another what one has not found within oneself first is futile
  • discovering one’s worthiness to be loved is the start of one’s capacity to love another as an individual as opposed to a potential supplier of qualities that one needs to feel complete
  • can represent a capacity for love or the renewal of faith in love after being hurt which may take the form of a slow and gradual interest in oneself – one’s body or environment or surrounding oneself with things that bring pleasure instead of pain
  • time and space must be provided for new feelings to grow and develop
  • a new phase where the world of feelings must be developed and allowed to mature
  • the Page must “die” in the sense of transforming before he can love another – he must move from self-preoccupation to awareness of others
Random Thoughts
  • the effect of being sheltered by one’s parents
  • karma at work
  • the unintended consequences of one’s actions (rejecting Echo led to his own demise)
  • rejecting love because one doesn’t love oneself